Palty Jewelry Ash Hair Dye – Review and Experiences

I have been bleaching and dyeing my bangs for years, but when I started doing that I stopped dyeing my whole head. The last time I did it was for high school prom! So I have been getting bored with my natural hair color, even though the black always complements whatever color I dye my bangs.

I didn’t want to go too light because I still plan on bleaching my bangs and wanted to keep the contrast, so I picked up a box of Palty’s Jewelry Ash (actually I got two, but then I got a haircut and didn’t end up needing the second).

The box comes with a tube of color, which you mix into the bottle of oxide water. There’s also an applicator cap for the bottle, a pair of gloves, and a pack of tsubaki oil conditioner for after dye care.

I couldn’t find any reliable information on the volume of developer in Palty’s oxide water, but the instructions say to leave the dye in for 20 minutes, and the results on dark hair are not very dramatic, so I guessed it was probably around 20 or 30. I use 30 volume developer when I bleach my bangs, and I usually leave that in my hair for an hour (and have to do it twice to get it light enough to dye over it).

So I left the Palty in my hair for an hour 😛 I threw a pinch of bleach powder into the bottle as well, because the box indicated that using the dye over black hair would end up kind of warm and not ashy at all. This is probably because it doesn’t lighten the hair enough to get rid of the brassy tones that result when bleaching dark hair only a few levels.

I really really don’t recommend doing this! I have experience with bleaching my own hair, so I know how much it can handle and how to care for it, but I am not an expert and this still could have been disastrous.

What my hair looked like pre-dye – my natural color!

I am actually pretty impressed with how much it lightened my hair, even though it didn’t quite end up the color I wanted. At first I was disappointed, but I’ve gotten used to the color and now I actually like it a lot :3 Many thanks to Yaling for helping me with this, because I can’t do anything without my glasses haha.


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