Embryolisse Lotion Review!

Blah blah blah insert sob story about acne. Insert sob story here there everywhere.

Ok I don’t know how exactly how to start but here. I DONT KNOW WHAT LOTION IS GEWD FOR MAH FACE! Like I don’t know if I want something that has salicylic acid/benzyol peroxide in it to compact acne (because I have/had loads and just want it to be over with).

At this point I just wanted something simple. So….. one day I walked into this store and made a impulsive purchase and I got…


As you can see from the picture, it’s EMBYOLISSE! So let me put all the info out, I currently work in a personal care shop (not telling you which because I’m paranoid like that!) and many makeup artists have come in and repeatedly bought this brand. I was helping out an artist who had a list of requirements for a show/class/idek and this lotion was on the list! So.. basically I got a bottle and let me tell you… it does not do amazing things.

LMAO! It’s a really  nice lotion though! It says it will moisturize the heck out of your skin, and it does! This right here is my second bottle! And surprisingly I didn’t break out with those pimples you get when you are trying a new product. So… yay?

Well I did take a few more pictures for y’all!

Embryolisse Ingredients Embryolisse Sample

The only thing that is worrisome to me is that in the ingredients list “PARFUM” is the last listed item. However there really is not flowery scent or anything. It might just be listed as “fragrance free” which means that the item can contain ingredients that will give it a neutral scent. :\ blah oh the tricky things that the companies do to us!

Looking up other people’s reviews via a simple google search has given me mixed opinions. Some people love it and others hate it.

Final Thoughts: It’s not an HG status product and can be pretty pricy esp if you are purchasing it outside of France. It’s really not something you absolutely need to try either! For me it does the job and I might be sticking to it until I find something even better.


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