Candles! :) Voluspa Candles!

OH OK. There’s this thing on how much you really want to share about your personal life online. But in this case, I feel that I should share this much. I work as a sales associate at a shop called Ricky’s. And most of the time, I purchase many goods from there. And I also receive “training” on these products.

This is one of those products. 

The brand is called Voluspa and I do not remember that much from this informational session I attended. So.. I went to their site and …. tada!!! They’re a luxury candle company and they use high quality coconut wax for their candles. Um… Really I think that’s about all I’ll speak of this company.

ONTO THE CANDLE! I purchased the scent Chestnut & Vetiver. And I’ve been burning it for a while! Personally I just adore this scent. I will honestly say that if this was edible I would be eating this stuff by the spoonful. It smells wonderful! Chestnutty and I guess hints of chocolate? Boo! 😦 I am terrible at describing this.

But OMG it is just amazing at filling up my room with its wonderful smell. Though one thing about these candles, the company recommends that you burn these for at least 4 hours (but most candle companies do, I checked with a cheap one I got from Walgreens!) and that is mostly so the candle can burn evenly. As in, when you burn the candle out and it cools down, the candle wax shouldn’t have like 3 different layers in the wax indenting around the wick! 

Did you know this? I didn’t know that till I went to the workshop! But hey ho, share with me your favorite candles & scents *_______* I feel like I’d be stocking up on a whole bunch of candles now.


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