It Wasn’t Me!!

Some people see children are angels, but when I look back to my childhood, I don’t think I was an angel lol

When I was in elementary school, we had a Pomeranian named Lucky. She was a good behaved dog, except when she urinated on the floor. Well, I can’t say it was all her fault because we didn’t train her well. My experience tells me it’s better to prepare a place for a new family member where s/he can sleep, dine, and urinate, before  s/he comes home.

Okay, back to the story.

As a student, we looked forward to visiting museums during class. Why? Day trip means: no lecture and no homework. However, it only happened once or twice a year. So we got very excited when we had a chance to visit a museum or factory. And we liked to buy “souvenir” at gift shop for memory.

One day, my brother came home from science museum…


Although the “souvenir” wasn’t for me, I was still curious what he got from gift shop. Because, you know, souvenirs are always nice and cool. And I was expecting he would bring something cute home. But…


Yes… He brought a big excrement home with him… And it doesn’t look as cute as the one above… But since it looks so real, it’s kind of cool actually…






My mom was very mad to see a big poop on the floor when she came home from shopping at supermarket. She didn’t know the poop is fake and she thought Lucky made a mess. We feel very sorry for Lucky that she got blamed for nothing lol


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