I have always loved arts, crafts, and things of that nature. Unfortunately, I am not that creative ): I’m the type of person who can follow a recipe and make the greatest food ever (…more or less), but give me a pile of ingredients and tell me to do something with it and I will probably just stare blankly at it for a while and then starve to death.


So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered deco kits! They are basically just precounted sets of rhinestones and/or cabochons, so you can stick them to whatever you want. My phone is a Sprint-only model (the HTC EVO 4G LTE, a lengthy name for a hugeass phone. I love it though), so cute cases are few and far between. I decided it would be a lot more fun to make my own, especially when I have directions telling me exactly what to do XD My only fear was that there wouldn’t be enough rhinestones to cover a case for my gigantic phone, since a lot of these kits seem to be made with the size of the iPhone in mind.

After I found the deco sets, obviously I needed something to put them on. My phone has a kickstand, which in my opinion is pretty useless. And a lot of cases have a cutout for it, right smack in the middle, which messes with a lot of designs.



But I found some that didn’t have a cutout! JOY OF JOYS! They sold individually for around $6, but the seller also had a set of eight for $21. That’s over 50% worth of savings *___* The set was a variety of colors, some of which I wasn’t sure I could use, but for less than three dollars I am not gonna complain, yo. The listing ended after I bought it though. dammit. shoulda bought like five.

I bought this adorable bunny wearing glasses from Glassyu on eBay to try out – the listing said there were enough stones to cover 115% of an iPhone back (I think? the English wasn’t the greatest), so I hoped it would be enough. Glassyu has a bunch of different designs for pretty low prices, and they often have them on auction so you can save a couple bucks on them too – I was the only one who bid on this, and I ended up paying $4 after shipping. As a “buy it now,” it would have been about $7. It didn’t come with glue though. I picked up a giant set of the Swarovski expoxy resin from Allium Blue, which I heard about from Universal Doll. I figured it would last me a good long while :3

And here’s how it came out!


It’s not very good; the outline of the bunny came on a thin sheet of paper that had adhesive on the back. I cut it most of it away but I left a bit of a border around the bunny. My reasoning was that it would anchor the sticker to the case better if there were more stones holding it down, but it turned out to be the opposite. The sticker is laminated, so despite being thin, it wasn’t flexible enough and wouldn’t adhere to the curves of my phone case. So, some crystals are a little raised, and a few others shifted around during drying – most visibly, the ones around the camera cutout, which is raised. I’ve already lost a few too, as you can probably tell.

Also because I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough crystals for the entire case, I’d originally left the sides blank. It looked dumb and I did end up having enough to fill everything out, but there are some gaps near the sides/middle as a result. But most of that isn’t too visible from afar, and I’d definitely buy more of these because Swarovskis are unfortunately out of my budget at the moment. Next time, I’d cut away more of the sticker (and maybe place it a little lower? I was too lazy to make a cutout for the speaker grille at the bottom of my phone but looking back at the stock photo, my floating bunny torso looks kinda dumb in comparison…)


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