RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 Finale Party at XL Nightclub

When Yaling and I found out the RuPaul’s Drag Race finale was being broadcasted live in Manhattan along with a show featuring every contestant, we stalked the internet for weeks until the tickets went on sale. They finally went up in mid-April, and I promptly spent the next few weeks being super excited. I didn’t take too many photos (I WANTED TO SEE THE SHOW WITH MY EYES NOT THROUGH THE CAMERA LENS OKAY) but here are a few super sad low-quality photos because the tiny display on my point-and-shoot likes to tell me photos came out better than they actually did. crycry. I took waaay more actually, but an enraging number of them ended up being photos of the cameras and phones of people in front of me D:<


everything about Willam is too perfect i can’t deal

Sharon Needles and Amanda Lepore’s backside (I ended up with no clear shots of her ;__;)

Jinkx coming out onstage after the episode of Drag Race *________________* I’m so happy she won!

Lineysha Sparx is fantastic.

Ivy Winters! Her routine was intense! She ate fire and juggled knives and I was able to capture none of it. Thank you dude who held his DSLR way up high into the air/my view.

Alyssa Edwards being drop dead gorgeous.

Detox changed her outfit for her solo performance. No idea how she managed the heat of the club in that outfit, but she looked faaab.

awwwwww. Roxxxy’s attitude made me mad like every week, but she doesn’t seem as bad as, say, PhiPhi.

Alaska! I am kind of upset she didn’t win (I was on team AnyoneButRoxxxy). I hope she’ll be on All Stars season 2, she really grew on me in the second half of the season and I can only imagine how excellent it would be. Note friggin DSLR dude, who was in the VIP area, like 50 feet away from me wtf why is he in 80% of my picturessssss

And Jinkx! She moved around much less than everyone else, so most of my photos of her weren’t even that blurry!

Alaska came back out after the show (tbh I think she was a bit drunk) but that meant Yaling and I were able to be by the stage. Check out the train on her dress @____@

We ran around the club for a bit after the performance, hoping to run into some of our favorites (namely Willam or Alyssa Edwards). This is Yaling’s summary of our success.

): yeah. But it was amazing and I think next time I might just shell out for the VIP tier tickets to be closer to the stage 😛 We got a really awesome view, truthfully – it was part of the VIP section at first, but then they moved the stanchions back and the VIPs moved over so we jumped on that space. But that meant I spent the entire show with some super pushy jerk behind me trying to shove her way up next to me ):< no.

The next season is apparently going to start shooting soon! eeeeee


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