Woe is Eyeliners

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. 😦 But don’t worry I am back with a review! The two that are going face to face is the Nature Republic’s Extreme Black Easy Eyeliner VS Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion.


First of all let’s talk about who bought all of these: Me! (As per FTC disclosures goes I think this is pretty good? Fingers crossed!) Now that’s out of the way let’s take a closer look!


I may have zoomed in a bit too close to the UD Liner but excuse that. I’m pretty sure you can visualize the size of the UD Liner, so basically the Nature Republic liner is twice that size. But otherwise they’re both fit rather well in my hand!

But let’s just make this one a bit more clearer:

  • Nature Republic Extreme Black Easy Liner is basically a felt tip marker liner
  • Urban Decay’s 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner is not a marker

Whenever I buy eyeliner the first thing I look for is waterproof. I need one that has really great staying power because my eyelids are oily beings that hate everything. So usually by the end of the day they smudge like cray cray. But also now it’s gotten a lot hotter for the summer in NYC, so waterproof is a must!!

Nature Republic Extreme Black Easy Liner

The Nature Republic liner’s tip can be a little chunky at first glance. But I find it fine and if I want something a bit more defined I can just use the very tip of it with a very light hand. I’ve been switching between this liner and the UD liner for the past month now. And whenever I just do a simple eyeliner & mascara look, I’ll say that this baby is on and here to stay! There really is no smudge at all whenever I use this liner. I am in love with it so much. This liner has one of the easiest applications that I have ever used. Because it dries so fast, there isn’t a need to wait for it to dry so you can just bounce and be out!

  •  Easy to use
  • Dries within seconds
  • Stays on all day long
  • Pigmented
  • Waterproof
  • Not expensive
  • Cap is difficult to remove
  • The felt tip might be too large for some
  • Will dry out faster than a ink dip liner

I purchased this from Nature Republic for ~$12, you can also find it on amazon.com or ebay.com

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion

I believe that this eyeliner has been talked to death on the interwebz! UD is a pretty good brand and you got bloggers left and right trying their stuff! Now this type of eyeliner isn’t my favorite because when you’re as lazy as me in the mornings, this is definitely not the fastest way to apply your eyeliner. Because you have the shake the bottle, wipe off the excess liquid and then apply. I will never not get confused with this packaging! The entire thing is a straight tube, so it just reminds me of a marker liner. But opening is a whole ‘nother story! I’m used to the end with the logo printed on it to have the product in it, but with this one, no the logo side is just the brush end! So the plain blank side is filled with the the product! Thank goodness no product has every spilled whenever I get confused when opening it! Now my other beef with this liner is that this does not dry fast enough! My eyelids are strangely folded sometimes so whenever I apply this I cannot open my eyes fully because this needs to dry!

  • Very fine tip
  • The product will not dry up that fast
  • Pigmented
  • Waterproof
  • Confusing packaging, which one is the tip?
  • Does not dry quickly enough!
  • After a full day, there are gaps in my line? 😦

I purchased this from Sephora.com for $19

Final Thoughts: I preferred the Nature Republic Liner over the UD liner. So I would definitely repurchase the Nature Republic liner because it is so much cheaper and easier for me to use! 🙂


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