Stress and Packing

Sorry for the silence lately; I’ve been pretty busy x____x I’m going to Singapore for an indefinite period of time (but no less than two months), and I’m leaving in a week and a half. The fact that this is so last minute, as well as the facts that I don’t know how long I’m going to be there and I feel as though I’ve been given no say in the matter have been stressing me out so badly, and I haven’t even begun to pack yet. Every time I try, I get so overwhelmed by how much I don’t know about what’s going to happen. And then I ignore the situation x: I have never been very good at dealing with stress, and it’s so much easier to say to yourself, “Sure, I have a lot of things to do, but my friends want to hang out and if I don’t know when I’ll ever see them again, why should I say no?” And then nothing gets done, and tasks start piling up, and it becomes harder to break this cycle. ugh.

But time really is running out, and I thought that maybe if I start packing my makeup, something that cheers me up, I could at least regain some semblance of control over all this, and not feel completely lost when I leave everything I know and 90% of the people I love (my father is from Singapore so I do have family there and at least I won’t be all alone). So here is a progress report of sorts, mostly a way to kick myself into action by putting it up on the internet where the universe sees and remembers 😛

I’m trying my best to think of this as a vacation – I haven’t been back to Singapore since before college, and I do love that place (minus the humidity and the mutant monster mosquitoes!), so I am definitely excited about the food and the shopping and the Asian beauty brands I can’t get here! I don’t want to buy too much in terms of makeup; I already have sooooooo much stuff. But I don’t want to lug all of it with me either – chances are I wouldn’t use most of it. But bringing things I don’t normally reach for will push me out of my comfort zone and force me to actually use things I spent money on! I haven’t finalized these choices yet, so I’ll post again once I’ve decided what I’m bringing.

This is what I’ve packed so far – just basics, pretty much.

I’m putting everything into this travel train case – it’s from tokidoki’s now-discontinued Sephora line. I love this thing ;^; The dividers are removable in case you are putting larger items in there, but they don’t go all the way to the bottom of the case, so smaller items do sometimes slip around.

From left:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance – I’m almost done with this tube, so I’ll probably end up shopping for primers sometime soon. I’ve used and loved this for years, but I am always on the lookout for better things.
theBalm What’s Your Type? Mascara in Tall, Dark, and Handsome – I honestly don’t wear mascara on a very regular basis (I tend to just curl my lashes and slap some falsies over them) but I like this one a lot for more subdued looks. It does smudge on me towards the end of the day, so we’ll see how it fares in the Singapore climate.
Dior Dioshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum – My eyelids are pretty oily, so I can’t go without a lash primer when I do wear mascara. I love this. It’s lightweight and doesn’t destroy a curl, and definitely keeps my mascara from running all over my face. Whenever I buy a new mascara I test drive it by wearing it by itself on one eye, and over this on the other. Not sure why I bother because I know there isn’t a mascara on earth that lasts on me without primer, but I guess I just like knowing this works, haha.
Nature Republic Extreme Black Hyper Eyeliner – Yaling would not stop talking about their Easy Eyeliner (read her review here!), and I actually only just now noticed that the one I have isn’t the one she has XD So I’m not exactly sure how they’re different, though this one does not say it is waterproof. I have similar issues with liquid eyeliner as I do mascara because not only are my lids oily, but they are also hooded monolids, so everything folds in on itself and just exacerbates smudging issues. And the Hyper Eyeliner is pretty much just like Yaling says the Easy Eyeliner is – it dries quickly, applies easily, is pigmented, and despite not explicitly being waterproof, it does not budge!
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy – This is an absolute must for glitter and glittery shadows. I guess that by bringing this I’m also obligated to bring aforementioned glitter and/or glittery shadows? XD
OPI Crystal File – I refuse to shape my nails with anything but a glass file. I like this one because it’s got …file (haha I don’t know what else to call it!) on both sides. OPI’s files are fairly delicate though, I’ve broken two of them already by dropping them from a height of less than three feet ;~; They can also be pricey, but I’ve bought terrible glass files that didn’t work, and files that were only one-sided so I keep buying the OPI ones because I know what they look like, and that they don’t suck.
Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Healing Blemish Base – This is the Asian version, not the one they sell in American Sephoras. I find it a bit too sheer for some of my facial scars, but it matches my skin quite well and feels like nothing, which is always appreciated in a product that goes all over your face. I am running out of this though D:
Too Faced Lip Injection – ….I feel like I should have tried to organize these products or something before photographing, instead of just dumping the train case out on my bed and turning my camera on. hahaha. OH WELL. This stuff is great. It burns like the fires of eighty million hells, but does a nice job of getting your lips to swell up, which also smooths out fine lines and stuff. I love using this before a matte lip product (just wipe it off once the pain stops), but it’s also awesomely shiny and works alone as a gloss too. I heard they recently changed the packaging though, giving you less product for the same price. I do not approve.
MAC Studio Fix Fluid – MAC’s foundations don’t match my undertones very well – NC is *slightly* too yellow and NW is *slightly* too orange, but it’s hard to tell if you’re not me, haha. Shade issues aside, I find this rather heavy and I’m not sure it’ll work well with the heat, so once my BB cream runs out I’ll probably be looking for something else.
Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Mineral Foundation – This is a shade too dark for my skin, so I’m planning on using it over my other foundations in case I tan. I love Meow Cosmetics, by the way. If you like mineral makeup, they have a huge range of foundation shades as well as color products, and you really should check them out. If you do, you have to get a sample (if not a full size) of their Obelisk eyeshadow from the Egyptian Treasures collection. HAVE TO.
Nature Republic Magic Remover Facial Tissue – I haven’t tried these yet, but there are sixty sheets in here, it was under $10, and there’s a plastic lid on them so they don’t dry out, so they’re looking good so far, haha.
Bobby pins – The fact that these came in a case changed my life. seriously.
Shu Uemura eyelash curler – Need I explain how necessary this is to my life?
Plastic Tree pill case – Plastic Tree was my favorite band in high school. I still love their older stuff, but I can’t listen to anything they released after 2005. It sucks 😐 Anyway I put my body jewelry in here – the individualized pill compartments contain nose studs, labret studs (I wear them in my ears) O-rings, etc. It has a large compartment on top that I can put my bigger hanging style earrings in as well, and I’m really happy with how perfect it is for this. Also it’s got Buchi-era Plastic Tree on it and was therefore worth every yen.

There are pockets in the train case’s lid for brushes, but I found that they tend to fall out pretty easily, especially if they aren’t full because the pockets aren’t elasticized or anything. But I’m not sure it’s necessary to bring my entire brush roll – I don’t really need all of these. I just have them because I’m to lazy to clean my brushes 😛 Plus many of my travel-sized brushes get lost in its pockets. I got it from asoftblackstar on Etsy years ago; her shop is currently on hiatus ): I’m currently browsing for a smaller one, though I’m not sure I’d get it in time :/

Now to decide on actual color products! I have a bunch of palettes I regularly use, but I don’t think I’ll be able to bring all of them ): Tough decisions lie ahead but I do feel a little better about all this now. Thank you for reading! (:

4 thoughts on “Stress and Packing

  1. Your train case and brush roll are so cute! I’m glad packing has helped alleviate the stress 😦 I know very well what that cycle feels like, so hang in there! Here’s to hoping SG will turn out to be enjoyable and I’m looking forward to possible Asian beauty product posts/reviews 8))))

    • Thanks ❤ hahahahahaha I am pretty sure that the first thing I do (after EATING ALL THE FOOD) is raid the drugstores.

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