Adorable Place You can Barely Find in NYC!

Hiroko's Place

It’s not difficult to find delicate and cute stuffs in Japan when you walk around the street. A lot of restaurants, snack shops, and food stalls often think of special and unique ideas to catch people’s attention and attract customers. I guess that’s how maid / butler / pet theme café come from in Japan. But work attitude is very important also. Don’t you think Japanese food and merchandises are exquisite and lovely? Even a little pack of candy have a very nice packaging design. It is hard to find someone does not like Japanese products because they always make cute and cool stuffs.

Whenever I order food at a restaurant in Japan, I had a very hard time to choose what to eat by look at the fine faked food samples and pictures because they all look so delicious to me. Nice decoration is another reason I fall in love with their restaurants.I think every Japanese are very good at arts somehow. If they don’t, how do you explain all beautiful things they designed and made? When the waiters / waitresses served us food, our first reaction was ”awwww” and next thing we did is take out our cameras for pictures lol They are just too cute to eat! It’s sad to leave Japan because I can barely find an adorable Japanese restaurant here. You have no idea how excited I was when I found Hiroko’s Place online, but I didn’t get a chance to visit there until Louisa brought me. The experience at Hiroko’s Place reminds me of the nice time I had in Japan last summer. Thanks Louisa for taking me there!

Hiroko's Place

Hiroko’s Place locates at SoHo. From the picture you can see there are not many people at the restaurant, if you want to enjoy the quiet in the city, this is a nice place to go.

Hiroko's Place

The paintings on the walls are simple but elegant; and the green colored closet fills with cute decorations.

Hiroko's Place

Free Japanese magazines and comics books are provided to customers.

Hiroko's Place

Pictures time while waiting for the food!

Can you see the painting on the wall is actually weaved by a cloth?

Hiroko's Place

I like this dish with british style. If you pay enough attention, you can see the decoration on table. I think they are very creative to design unique styles for each table.

Hiroko's Place

British tea for Louisa and ice cream soda for myself!

Hiroko's Place

Yummy fried squid!

Hiroko's Place

Ladies and gentlemen, apanman omelette rice!!!!

A good omelette rice to me, the egg has to be 90% soft, and the rice should be mixed with ketchup. But never, never add any frozen vegetables in it.

I really miss the omelette rice in Santa Monica and Odaiba, they are the best omelette rice I had so far. I’m sad that I couldn’t find any good omelette rice in NYC until I met him – apanman omelette rice. Apanman’s smile melts my heart. And it tastes very much like the traditional Japanese omelette rice. I find my memories back from the Japan trip last summer here.

Hiroko's Place

Don’t you think this sauce plate is very like Aladdin’s lamp?

Hiroko's Place

Two skinny girls with lots of food on table =p

Hiroko's Place

Enjoying my food~

Hiroko's Place

Dessert time with sweet fruits and Louisa’s favorite coffee jelly~

If you like Japanese kawaii styled restaurants, Hiroko’s Place is the one you shouldn’t miss!

P.S. I already know what I’m ordering next time lol Japanese spaghetti, burger steak, and more omelette rice!! Lol


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