why is life

This is the tale of why I should not be allowed outside without adult supervision.

First off, apologies for not following up on my packing post; after this HARROWING ORDEAL, I felt that discussing this would be far more interesting 😛 I didn’t really bring enough to warrant a full post anyway.

So on the day I left New York, my mother dropped me off at the airport, and everything was good until I went into my bag so I could get my passport and check in for my flight.

And I couldn’t find it. Or my wallets. Panicking, I called my mom, and waited for her to get home and check the living room area, where I’d had all my luggage. She called me back, saying she didn’t see them anywhere. So I double-checked everything on me, and finally found them in a zippered compartment inside another compartment of my laptop case, where I had put NOTHING ELSE. WHY DID I PUT THEM THERE.

So that wasted forty-five minutes of my life. I managed to get on the plane with no problem, and everything was going great (we did end up taking off almost two hours after we were supposed to, but I didn’t mind very much because I had a seven-hour layover in Beijing), until we got to China. Apparently, due to thunderstorms, they weren’t allowing planes to land at the Beijing Airport, so we landed in Tianjin instead.


They wouldn’t let us off, and didn’t even offer us any water or anything. Never fly Air China, everyone @____@

When we finally got to Beijing, after a thirty-minute flight, they assured us that other flights had also been delayed and that we should be okay. But, because I was switching airlines, I was unable to check in for my connecting flight beforehand so I had to grab my boarding pass and then run back to the plane.

From my instagram: a statue in the Beijing Airport

And I had no idea where anything was, got lost, and missed my flight. AUGH. A really nice guy at an information desk bought me a soda and led me to the (CLOSED) check-in counters, and even sat with me until they opened (and also told me my Chinese was “acceptable,” which, if you’ve ever heard me speak Chinese, is the biggest compliment it could ever dream of receiving). I am a huge jerk and never even asked him his name, but he was the only human in that entire airport who put any effort into anything and I appreciated his help a lot.

Once the Singapore Airlines counters showed a sign of life, I ran over to them only to be told they couldn’t help because my father had purchased the ticket through United Airlines, and because I had never checked in, they were unable to help. I waited a few more hours for the United counters to open (apparently they only deign to man the counters before a flight leaves. The Beijing airport is terrible), and they told me more or less the opposite, but either way NOBODY WANTED TO HELP ME. I ended up calling my father, who helped me call the airlines, and he finally got me on a flight that was to leave at midnight. It was still 10am, so I sat around for a long time, read a bit (my Nook is the only thing that kept me sane), and updated my family and friends on what was going on, until the WiFi connection started being crap.

Currently reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. SO MANY FEELS

When I finally made it to Singapore, I found out my luggage, which was supposed to have gone straight to Singapore from NY, was still in Beijing. WHYYYYYYY. It was delivered to me two days later, but I did use it as an excuse to buy a couple cute pieces of clothing, my one little perk out of this whole mess. muahahahaha


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