Etude House and Sasa


I went to VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping mall, the other day. oh maaaaan this place is huge. I wish I had taken a few pictures, but it’s the weekend, so it was pretty crowded. Plus I was only given an hour to run around before I had to meet up with my family, since they have no way of reaching me. (one hour in the country’s largest retail center are you kidding meeeeeee) I wasn’t too interested in brands and stores that can easily be found in the States, but it’s the middle of The Great Singapore Sale (like two months of Black Friday, but without the trampling and the waking up at 3am and the long lines), and I am finding it difficult to just walk past all these 70% off signs šŸ˜› I stopped by the Etude House booth, as well as the Sasa store, and left feeling extremely glad the Singaporean dollar is worth a little less than the US one at the moment, hahahah.

From Etude House

Wash-off Packs – Yoghurt and Honey SGD6.90 each
I bought these originally so I could distribute them amongst friends since they’re four to a pack, but then I noticed each one is different! There are different main ingredients for each and I can’t read whether that affects their target skin problem. Haha well I might still give them away. I can always go back, of course….

Oh My God! Dry Shampoo SGD16.90
Okay this was totally a splurge and I have dry shampoo at home, but I didn’t bring it with me, and this one promises to smell better. also it is cute okay

Collagen Eye Patch SGD1.90 each
I have become one of those suckers for collagen and hyaluronic acid and snail slime and all the other beauty fads.

Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask SGD6.90
I threw this into my basket because the sales associate bribed me with free gifts for spending more than $40, and I was only $5 away haha.

Which are these sheet masks! I had to choose between these or an adorable hot pink recyclable shopping bag, but I am a bag hoarder so I thought it would be better to avoid it.

I also got these samples of their new CC creams. The Silky one is more for oil control, while Glow is aimed at brightening dry skin.

This was the only thing at the Sasa store that caught my eye.

ISN’T IT WONDROUS. I believe this line was produced in Maybelline Japan (which I deduced from all the Japanese text on it, aren’t I clever), and is aimed at paler Asians; all the shades are very similar and I spent maybe twenty minutes trying to figure out the best match for my skin, which I’m still not entirely sure about šŸ˜› And the shade I picked didn’t have a choice between compact designs – some of the others had Catwoman! (side note: I hate how everyone focuses on the same Gotham ladies over and over. Nothing against Batgirl/Catwoman/Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, all of whom I love, but there are others too! Where is the recognition for Zatanna, who is obviously the best???? *cough*)

…you’ve probably noticed by now that nothing I bought was on sale. >_______> in my defense, none of the day’s deals appealed to me, and at least I didn’t just buy something I don’t want for the sake of buying it on sale!


2 thoughts on “Etude House and Sasa

    • I feel so awkward doing that lol x___x but I will try to do it discreetly! It’s so cute inside everything is pink ā¤

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