Woes of a Natural Curly Asian

Oh my god. The weather in New York has been INSANE. We are under a “heat advisory” recently but honestly… I. Am. Melting. Even at work, the AC is broken and I curse my (assistant) managers whenever they feel the need to leave the door open because the store isn’t getting enough business. But enough cries of the lowly retail drone! Let me dig into how my hair is not that of a typical asian. No instead of straight hair, I have naturally  curly/wavy hair.

When I was young, seriously I had the typical straight hair that the majority of asians have. Looking at my baby pictures, it was straight, luscious (idk let me believe!), and beautiful! Somewhere during high school, puberty hit and my hair went cray cray on me. It waved, frizzed, and curled. I wish I knew what happened!

Hair Picture

See the frizz? The curls? 😐 😐

Some people told me that it was because I dyed my hair (once in JHS, but it was really dark red!). But that is such a assumption because after I chopped off all the bits that were dyed, my hair continued to be this wavy/curly/frizzy mess that it is.

AND the ultimate killer/thing that offends me, I have to continuously prove that I actually have curly hair! Even at work, unless I have my hair down, it is assumed by every body that my hair is that flat and straight.

Left to Right:
Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray
Sunsilk Liscio Perfetto Crema
Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Redken Curl Perfecting Lotion
It’s a 10 Miracle Oil plus Keratin
Frederick Fekkai Illuminating Cream

Yea… I have a lot of products (and samples) that I am currently going through! Usually I would cocktail them together to make one massive mess to put into my hair. However right now I plan to use just ONE product in my hair every single time after I wash my hair. Nothing else but that ONE product each day!

So… expect more posts from me!

A few notes about the products:

  1. Yes I purchased all of these with my hard earned money
  2. However I do work in a high end hair care & cosmetics store (ie. I have employee discount)
  3. I purchased the Sunsilk while I was studying abroad in Italy. However I just opened that this year. And it is a smoothing cream
  4. Yes. The Ojon is actually a sample I recieved with a purchase from Sephora. Or was it a 100 pt reward. One of the two.
  5. I spend a lot of money 😦

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