3X the Oil! Garnier~

So today I’m just gonna talk about the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil.

I got it a while ago when I was a part of a bzz campaign for it. At first I was iffy about it. But since it was the winter, I usually don’t get as try. And I didn’t enjoy it on my hair too much? But since I stated in my last post that I will be using only 1 hair product every time I wash my hair (currently I’m using the Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray), maybe another time.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

It was during the winter when I received it but idk I didn’t use it as much as I am (sorta) right now. Because it is sandal/flip flop season, I have been using it a lot more. My feet (poor them) get extremely dry (and dirty) when I wear flip flops. So it’s always a hassle to find a good lotion/moisturizing item for my feet. So then I started to clean my room (I think I have more cosmetic products than a normal person needs), and I figured that maybe I should start using it again for my feet. Especially before I leave the house in flip flops.

But anyways, let’s just break it down. It says that you can use it for 3 areas: Hair, Body, & Face.

  1.  Hair: At one point during the period of when I got this item, I totally used it on my hair. But it made my hair feel really heavy and oily and so I never tried it on my hair again. I doubt I will be giving it a second chance either.
  2. Body: Like I mentioned earlier. I really enjoy using this for limbs. Its just an easy way of being lazy about moisturizing everything. I think this is the only way I like to use this item.
  3. Face: No. Just no. I will not give this a chance on my face.

But let’s see what do I like about it? Its really easy to apply! Like really. I’ll spray it on my arm and then rub it in.

The unfortunate parts, it doesn’t get absorbed as fast as you like. Like after a minute or two after spraying and rubbing it onto my arms and legs I can still sorta feel it. The spray, the oil, it gets everywhere. Like you should do it in the bathroom on a rug or in the tub. This stuff gets everywhere! Besides you don’t want your nice tiled/hardwood floor to get oily do you?

Honestly, I would only recommend this if your feet gets really dry when wearing flip flops or if you feel like you have a case of extreme dry skin. Otherwise no. Do not get it. I see no real benefit of this thing.

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