Okay besides some of the best (JT-NSYNC) and cringing (looking at you Miley!) performances, something else excited me!

COMMERCIALS! I mean there was the one for MMLP2, which I cannot wait to be released, but this is even more important!


Is that what it’s officially called? IDK. There has been no real images of the products released, just some looks that depicts each district. I AM SO EXCITED. I WANT ALL THE THINGS. LOOKIE:

I also cannot wait for the movie! I am however very disappointed at who is playing Finnick. Finnick is suppose to be the hottest thing ever, with abs all over. YES ABS ALL OVER. And this actor is just meh…

Hard Candyyy!!!!


Okay this may be super late but I bought all the things!!!! Okay not a lot. But I visited a friend in Connecticut and visiting Walmart is a MUST. Ex ecially since there is none in NYC. :(( This is my mini shopping spree. Hehe…. I really dont need any of these though…… Shopping is a problem wih me…..

I need to stay away from Etude House

Jurong Point Mall

Every time a mall has an Etude House, I find it. Not even on purpose! I think my brain has a radar for pink stores. Just look at that place; how can you resist going in and giving them all your money? Well, I might as well review as much as I can for everyone, right? The first one I have for you is the Silk Scarf Double Hair Care Mask. My hair has been getting kind of beat up lately, what with the heat, my swimming in a chlorinated pool, and the fact that I just spent a week in hotels, putting nothing in my hair but their complimentary shampoos >___> my bad.

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Review Time: Ouidad Volumizing Sprayz

So it’s been like a week or two. And after I wash my hair the only styling product that has touched my hair at all has been the Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray.

I would also like to mention right off the bat that I was the person who purchased the item! All opinions are my own? This is a disclaimer? Do I have to make sure I do this all the time? Probably.

Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray

Basically this promises to boost volume while defining/accentuating your natural curl without any crunch/stickiness/stiffness. But does it really?

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