Review Time: Ouidad Volumizing Sprayz

So it’s been like a week or two. And after I wash my hair the only styling product that has touched my hair at all has been the Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray.

I would also like to mention right off the bat that I was the person who purchased the item! All opinions are my own? This is a disclaimer? Do I have to make sure I do this all the time? Probably.

Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray

Basically this promises to boost volume while defining/accentuating your natural curl without any crunch/stickiness/stiffness. But does it really?

I mean first of all, I don’t need volume. Since my hair is maybe an inch below shoulder-level, I have all the volume I need for days!!

However I do find my curls to be extremely sad and limp at times, and what I am looking for is something to help define/boost my curls while also controlling my frizz.

So this is what I do~~

Wet Hair

Make sure my hair is damp and then spray generous amounts of this product in my hair. NO COMBING EVAR. Cardinal rule numero uno for us curly chicas! You will just end up with an unhappy head of hair!

Since I’m uber lazy I just let my hair air dry. While touching & scrunching it ever so often here and there.

Dry Hair with Ouidad

And then it is dry!!!!

Yea its not really much of a celebration I was pretty disappointed. It holds… something. Like I do feel a crunch when it dries so its not that easy to run my hands through my hair/its not as soft as I would like it to be. And as you can see, curls! But OHHH why the frizz?? ;____________;

So basically here’s the run down:

  •  Gives you volume
  • It sprays really well
  • It does have somewhat of a hold
  • The hold is more or less really good for the first day
  • It sort of defined my curls. But not enough to make me happy.

Ok one more thing! This bottle was $22 + tax. Would I buy it again? Nah, I probably won’t. But I will say that if you do wish that you had more volume this might be the product for you!

So I would only suggest it for anyone if volume is your game!

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