I need to stay away from Etude House

Jurong Point Mall

Every time a mall has an Etude House, I find it. Not even on purpose! I think my brain has a radar for pink stores. Just look at that place; how can you resist going in and giving them all your money? Well, I might as well review as much as I can for everyone, right? The first one I have for you is the Silk Scarf Double Hair Care Mask. My hair has been getting kind of beat up lately, what with the heat, my swimming in a chlorinated pool, and the fact that I just spent a week in hotels, putting nothing in my hair but their complimentary shampoos >___> my bad.

It comes with a deep conditioning treatment, as well as an “essence hair cap” that’s coated with more treatments. Thus the Double Hair Care!


It comes with 15ml/0.5floz of product, with which I was just barely able to coat all my hair. I am a bit of a slatherer though – usually when I use hair treatments/deep conditioners like this I distribute product through my hair by combing with my fingers, and I like to put enough product so that my fingers ~glide~ right through. And this package didn’t come with enough treatment to let me do that, so I feel like someone with hair more than maybe three or four inches past their shoulders (eg me) would want to use more than one pack at a time, or to find alternatives from other brands (Nature Republic has a very similar hair mask, I might do a review on that one too one day).

The treatment has a light, pleasant floral perfume scent, and the cap smells like latex and horribleness. Also, the elastic on the cap is extremely loose; the ends of my hair and my bangs kept slipping out ):

I left it on for twenty minutes because my brother went to take a shower haha whoops. oh well. My hair definitely does feel smoother, softer, and less dry after using it. It didn’t undo all the abuse I’ve put it through, but it helped a loooot. Before I used this, I couldn’t even run a comb through my wet hair that’s how awful it was. eeeeek. And even after I washed my hair two days after using it, my hair still showed marked improvements over its previous state. And I didn’t bring any of my hair care stuff with me, so all I’ve been using here is some sad Garnier 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner ;^;

Bottom Line:

  • Does a good job of repairing damaged hair
  • Results don’t just wash out after one shampoo
  • Smells nice
  • Does not contain a large amount of product
  • Cap is loose (alternatively, my head is tiny)

The Double Hair Care Mask can be found in all the Etude House stores in Singapore for S$6.90 but if you don’t live in Asia your best bet will probably be eBay ):

Gratuitous phone selfie because you can’t really tell my hair’s condition from a photo, can you 😛 Other than the fact I need to redye it. By the way, that’s what Palty Jewelry Ash looks like after six months (complete with the roots, hahaha). The color’s faded quite a bit and it’s definitely cooler than it was after I’d first dyed it, but it’s still too warm for my tastes ):< I'm going to use the second box I bought when I get home; will keep you posted!

This product was purchased by myself, and the opinions stated in this post are solely my own.

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