Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Two-Way Cake Foundation Review

I’m trying to stay away from beauty brands you can find in the US while I’m in Asia, but either I am really bad at doing that, or Maybelline is out to get me (last year in Tokyo, I spent 1000 yen on a Maybelline mascara because it had Hello Kitty on it). In my defense, this isn’t a product line you can find outside Asia, so the brand isn’t so important, right?

The Super Mineral 24 Two-Way Cake Foundation was produced by Maybelline Japan, I believe (guess how I came to this this conclusion). I spent the longest time in front of the display at the store, trying to figure out which of the four shades was my match. They had testers out, but all the shades were so similar and the product coverage so sheer that it was difficult to tell without covering my entire face. Which I refuse to do with store testers. In the end, I decided on OC2 because I figured I was going to tan a bit so probably best to err on the side of caution. For reference, I was around NW20 in MAC foundation shades when I first purchased it, but as I’ve correctly guessed, I tanned quite a bit ๐Ÿ˜› My face isn’t as dark as the rest of my body, though.

can we just take a moment to love the compact? yes. okay.

The packaging for the foundation refill.

aaaack. The powder is pretty finely milled, so much so that it has a tendency to crumble inside the compact.

The left side has the Super Mineral 24 applied, and the right side is my bare skin. Photo taken with flash for better contrast.

As I’ve mentioned before, the coverage is reaaally light. But it’s enough to even out the redness in my cheeks and cover up a few of my lighter hyperpigmentation scars. The upside to that is that it feels like nothing on your face, and ends up looking very natural. It’s super comfortable, especially in humid weather. My combination skin leans more towards oily when the weather is warmer, and I did have to touch up my T-zone throughout the day so I wasn’t very impressed with the oil control aspect of this foundation on its own. I say that because it works AMAZINGLY over my BB cream. I usually have ridiculous oil issues with it (it makes my skin look awesome, but it feels so icky), but when I used the Maybelline foundation as a finishing powder, I went outside and wandered around for about five hours, and when I came home even touching my forehead was tolerable. I was so impressed, especially after using it on its own and coming up “meh.” It’s fantastic; I’ve never had such good results from an oil control product before.

The “two-way” part refers to the fact you can apply it wet or dry. I didn’t notice a difference between the application types, but I prefer using it dry over my BB cream.

Over Dr. Jart’s Black Label Detox Healing BB cream, at the end of the day (taken with flash).

  • Portable
  • Can be applied wet or dry
  • SPF 30
  • Comfortable, doesn’t feel heavy
  • Works well as a finishing powder
  • Crumbles
  • Sheer coverage
  • Not so great oil control alone
  • Limited shade selection
  • Hard to find outside Asia

Would I repurchase? Maybe. Its biggest issue, for me, is the crumbling. What is the point of being packaged in a portable compact when it’s going to break by just being placed in my makeup bag? Maybe I can find a better product that’ll fit in the well – I’d hate to retire the compact because it is awesome. In Singapore, this can be found at any retailer with a Maybelline display, like Watsons, Guardian, John Little, etc. I got mine at Sasa (Sasa’s website carries two shades of it as well, if you’re not in Asia). Normally the foundation and compacts must be purchased separately, but once in a while they do release them together for the price of the foundation alone, like when I found it.

I purchased this product, and the experiences and opinions detailed in this post are my own.


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