Italian Sunsilk Cream

;______; I missed you guys.

Like seriously I did! I was about to make a post when my computer immediately died last week. And since then it had spent about a week at the Apple Store getting a brand spanking new hard drive. Unfortunately now I have the long and arduous process of replacing some key applications and moving ALL my music from my ipod! Thank goodness that there is a nifty app for that too!

Now for this lovely post! It has been a long time a-coming! All about the wonderful Sunsilk “Liscio Perfetto” Cream that I got wayy back when I was in Italy for study abroad. Unfortunately although I purchased it in Italy, I never used it. And yea ok let’s get on with it.

sunsilk bottle

This is basically labelled “Perfectly Smooth” and the subtext is that this is perfect for detangling knots and curly hair. So basically I lucked out! First of all, this is NOT a product that you use all by itself! Nope nope nope. By itself it does absolutely nothing! It does however do what it says, which is great for helping you comb out those knots! And since my hair is curly it does run the tendency of knotting up/gives me a hard time to comb. It isn’t very light either, even though my hair is quite dry (I had recently-ish did my roots so my hair has 1-upped in terms of damage) I notice it hanging a bit low when I do use this product


I seriously thought about this…. and really if you need a detangler and you’re in Italy go for it? I was just super surprised that I got a product meant for my hair – sorta. Lmao

It’s been too long since I got it, I don’t remember what I paid for it. But it wasn’t expensive so…. get it if you are desperate, like I was

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money! In this supermarket in Florence, Italy.

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