Confume Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist

It’s been a while. Truthfully I had a plan on getting a super fancy camera. However I scratched those plans and got a really nice point and shoot! πŸ™‚ It’s a Panasonic Lumix and it’s a touch screen. I FEEL SO OLD THAT I MISS ALL THE BUTTONS. ;___; Like honestly this camera does make life a lot easier for multiple things. However I just… I miss all the hardcore manual thingamajigs.

But anyways let’s talk about the product of this week this Argan Hair Mist!Β I picked this up during my last haul. Annd I forgot to include it in the haul picture! Oops, so here you go instead!

Confume Argan Mist

Disclaimer: I purchased this! πŸ˜€ All the opinions are my own!

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Singapore Beauty Haul


I’m back in the US! To be honest, I’ve actually been back for over a month now but life got in the way of posting this! Also I wanted to upload some of my post backlog without needing to edit everything to be in past tense πŸ˜› Anyway, minus one or two things I’ve already used up/had been using and thus forgot to put in the photo, here is the embarrassing amount of stuff I bought in Singapore (and Malaysia)! There’s a whole bunch here I bought for others/split with friends/I guess my mom can have some too (hence the duplicates), but I’d be lying if I said I exercised my impressive self-control skills >_____> I have a face mask buying problem. Especially when I’m sharing my hauls with other mask-obsessed friends. half this photo is masks wtf

Also I went to Etude House so often during the Great Singapore Sale that I got all the free things >___> yes, that is an owl blanket-cape-thing. With a hood. i regret nothing


Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist Review


I’ve seen Sana Hadanomy products around before, and I’m always tempted to buy the entire collagen line solely because everything is pink :X I was talked into this by a salesgirl at a booth in Genting Highlands. Aside from the skin-elasticity-boosting powers of collagen, she said it would also help foundation stay on longer. I bought the little bottle (90ml/3oz compared to the 250ml/8.5oz full size) because seriously look at how cute it is. And because I didn’t want to potentially spend money on a large amount of product that didn’t work for me. The small size was RM19, or $5.90ish US right now, so how could I not give it a chance?
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Review: Hard Candy All Lid Up

This was a post awaiting to happen. There are really no words for how I feel about this product.


During the summer when I went to Walmart I had purchased Hard Candy’s All Lid Up in the color 572: Tidal Wave. I was really excited about this! I had never tried out anything from them except their nail polish, which I really like! But this… man this was a different story.

Disclaimer: I spent money to get this. Etc. Etc. Not Paid. Not Free. Etc. Etc.

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Disney Villans & Ardell!

This has to be my favorite purchase so far! So, news is that Walgreens has a bunch of Disney Villans collections by Ardell, SOHO, Scrunchi and e.l.f. that came to the stores. Now I have kept my eye out and my local Walgreens did not get anything that I wanted (Ardell lashes and Scrunchi hair ties) until just this weekend!


I was so excited when Jessica told me about it on Saturday! So when I got off at work and went home later that night, my first stop was Walgreens before it closed at midnight. Like… my local Walgreens gets sold out of these things really fast so I wanted to make sure that everything I wanted was there!


Excuse the blurriness of the following picture. I was too excited to take a good one. Lmao and then I threw out the packaging for the hair ties. Yikes, but oh well! I couldn’t decide on which eyelash kit to buy so I got them all. I tried them on but ah…. at least one of them makes me look a bit extra… like super extra! But the packaging on these lashes are just so on point, I just want to hang them up and never use them. ;_____; They’re so pretty I can’t help it.

Now the hair ties are a bit of an after thought for me because I was soo focused on the lashes. But looking at them I picked up the one that represented Ursala and the Evil Queen (Snow White). Of the four patterns that were available (Ursala, Evil Queen, Cruella de Ville, and Maleficent) I liked the ones for Ursala and the Evil Queen the best.

Did you manage to find these?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Maker Faire & NYSCI

This is S U P E R late, but you will have to forgive me…please? 😦 😦

OK! On Sept. 21st & 22nd there was this thing called Maker FaireΒ and I love attending it! It’s this huge DIY event and its just lovely! I think this is their 3rd or 4th year in New York. And it’s typically held at this place called the New York Hall of Science AKA NYSCI!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really enjoy attending this because…

  1. It’s super cool and fun and lots of DIY things to check out and play with
  3. I get to see lots of old friends & coworkers (I used to work at NYSCI)

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Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence Review

I have never heard of this brand, and I was feeling adventurous so I decided to try it out on a whim. I am finding it ridiculously difficult to shop for beauty products overseas because I am the type of person who sees something that interests them and immediately whips out their smartphone to Google some reviews >____> I want to try new things, but at the same time I’m afraid of wasting money on crappy products. WAS THIS ONE OF THEM?
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Crazy Cosmetics Consumer

Did I mention that I have a problem? I hope I did, because this is going to be an intense haul post.

First of all…. let me show you the picture.

Missha Haul

It’s hilarious. I got so much stuff that I forgot one and gave up on this after retaking the picture. oy! Ok I should go down the list of what I got (The Etude House stuff is actually from Jessica, as you know she spent some time in Singapore. While she was there I had given/transferred her money and asked me to buy me a few things.)

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