Crazy Cosmetics Consumer

Did I mention that I have a problem? I hope I did, because this is going to be an intense haul post.

First of all…. let me show you the picture.

Missha Haul

It’s hilarious. I got so much stuff that I forgot one and gave up on this after retaking the picture. oy! Ok I should go down the list of what I got (The Etude House stuff is actually from Jessica, as you know she spent some time in Singapore. While she was there I had given/transferred her money and asked me to buy me a few things.)

ALL THE THINGS…. (oy vey my wallet ;_______;)

  1. Avène Eau Thermale/Thermal Spring Water
  2. Confume Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist
  3. Etude House Precious Mineral ANY CUSHION SPF 50+
  4. Etude House CC Cream
  5. isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum
  6. Killing Me Zombie CC Cream
  7. Manefit Tea Tree Cleansing Tissue
  8. Manefit Avocado Lip & Eye Remover
  9. Manefit Beauty Planner Mugwort Sheet Mask ( Astringent + Pore Care)
  10. Manefit Beauty Planner Lily Sheet Mask (Brightening + Shining)
  11. Missha Perfect B.B Deep Cleansing OIl
  12. Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream No. 23
  13. Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask
  14. Missha Super-Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner (Black)
  15. Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge (SOR401)

This actually is so much sadder now that I have written it down and everything. Good lord! On the plus side I did get a bunch of them on sale! 🙂 If you liked the Missha facebook you may have seen this image:

Missha FB Invitation

As you can see on 9/2/2013 there was a deal where everything was 50% off! A good chunk of this stuff was purchased at that time. Unfortunately it was not all of them (the Zombie CC Cream & the Confume Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist) was purchased during the sale.

Some quick reviews really is the Hair Mist.

I REALLY liked the Confume Gold Treatment Hair Mist! It smells AH-MAH-ZING! I’ve been using it so frequently that I should make a more in depth post on it! I will do that soon! 🙂 But first Let me tell you more about the Missha Store!

Missha does not have too many stores in the U.S. however there is a popup store! The store itself is called Korea Cosmetic Bliss or was it Cosmetic Bliss? Well its one of them! It is located at 379 Broome St. 10013. They will be there until the end of the year! The place does not only sell the Missha brand! There is also isoi (I’m So Intelligent) , Dr. G, BRTC, and etc!

They’re only there until the end of the year so check them out soon! 🙂


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