Maker Faire & NYSCI

This is S U P E R late, but you will have to forgive me…please? 😦 😦

OK! On Sept. 21st & 22nd there was this thing called Maker Faire and I love attending it! It’s this huge DIY event and its just lovely! I think this is their 3rd or 4th year in New York. And it’s typically held at this place called the New York Hall of Science AKA NYSCI!

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I really enjoy attending this because…

  1. It’s super cool and fun and lots of DIY things to check out and play with
  3. I get to see lots of old friends & coworkers (I used to work at NYSCI)

Unfortunately this year pales in comparison with all the other years. First of all one of my favorite jewelry shops didn’t show up again and all the stalls there this year were rather pricey and not my style. There was a lot of repeats from the previous years. I mean there’s only so much 3D printing can wow you until you just aren’t wowed. There’s a LOT of techie stuff, which is totally interesting…. but I’m not smart enough to understand/appreciate it. I do however love the hands-on aspect of it!

There’s the knitting zone where you can learn how to knit/crochet/turning?/cross-stitching/etc. A new thing showed up where I was able to sew my own bag via a sewing machine (the instructors however… is a different story). I was able to digitally weld something! I did amazing :P!

I went with Jessica so we did a bunch of stuff together. BUT OH EM GEE. we were so glad to be there on Sunday when it opened. From all my coworkers I learned that the first day was extremely crazy and hectic because there was SO MANY PEOPLE THERE. This Faire has increased in popularity so much now!

Even though I was bored… I can’t wait to go next year! 😛


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