Review: Hard Candy All Lid Up

This was a post awaiting to happen. There are really no words for how I feel about this product.


During the summer when I went to Walmart I had purchased Hard Candy’s All Lid Up in the color 572: Tidal Wave. I was really excited about this! I had never tried out anything from them except their nail polish, which I really like! But this… man this was a different story.

Disclaimer: I spent money to get this. Etc. Etc. Not Paid. Not Free. Etc. Etc.

I WISH that I could provide you with a swatch of this product. But I can’t. This was such a weird item. I imagined that this would be some sort of creamy eye shadow… but Noooo. Nope. Bye. This product is a case of “I just bought this item so I could throw it in the trash.” Maybe it’s old? I really don’t know. Here’s a few shots of it so you have an idea of what I mean.


Can you see what I mean??? It’s like it is all dried up. And there was nothing I could do about it. I mean it was so dry that I was able to get the entire thing to just fall out of the jar!

I tried a few things to make this work, first there was force. See the dents in this thing?

That was me using my finger to see how much I could really get out of this thing.

Conclusion: Not Much

Then I tried using water to help do something.

Conclusion: Once again… Not Much.

So here’s my attempt at swatching this


It was just horrible. SO uneven! D: But maybe I got a fluke. According to this post by nouveaucheap they ARE creamy and don’t budge or anything. But this was just a terrible experience. I doubt I will be repurchasing this ever (then again there is no Walmart in the immediate NYC area so….).

Honestly for me there is no pro/con to this. Just all con.

FInal Thoughts: Do not purchase it!


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