Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist Review


I’ve seen Sana Hadanomy products around before, and I’m always tempted to buy the entire collagen line solely because everything is pink :X I was talked into this by a salesgirl at a booth in Genting Highlands. Aside from the skin-elasticity-boosting powers of collagen, she said it would also help foundation stay on longer. I bought the little bottle (90ml/3oz compared to the 250ml/8.5oz full size) because seriously look at how cute it is. And because I didn’t want to potentially spend money on a large amount of product that didn’t work for me. The small size was RM19, or $5.90ish US right now, so how could I not give it a chance?

Since I bought it in Malaysia, there is a helpful English label on the back so I know what I’m doing!

I do love the bottle, but its shape doesn’t allow it to stand upright. ): So I plan to store it in its box.

(back of the bottle, which is also the bottom of it I guess)

I was trying to find this info on the box before I bought it but if it’s printed anywhere on the outside, the English label must be covering it. In Japan, this would have cost 500 yen, which is a bit over $5 US at the moment (and rising; right now USD aren’t doing so well). So the price I paid isn’t too terrible, pretty close to retail! whew.

It has a light fruity scent and a watery gel-like consistency, so the mist isn’t very fine and like the label says, you will need to pat it across your face to ensure an even coverage. It leaves a sticky finish at first, but it absorbs after a while and my face is left soooo smooth and soft. It’s a lot like a sheet mask without the…sheet mask. haha. I usually need three sprays to cover my face and neck, more if I’m not looking at where the nozzle is and accidentally spray it on the bathroom wall. ahem.

I tested it out as thoroughly as I could think to do – by itself, over moisturizer, over/under makeup, over/under makeup with/without moisturizer. And in the end I liked it best over moisturizer and under makeup – it doesn’t contain SPF so it’s not something I’d use by itself, and when I used it over my makeup it smudged my mascara/liner slightly. But under makeup, it’s awesome. It doesn’t interfere with application or the finish of my makeup – I tried it with a powder foundation and was afraid it would be patchy because of the sticky finish of the mist, but everything applied smoothly and stayed matte! It does keep my foundation on longer but doesn’t stop me from getting oily, so that plus the no-SPF thing means I would be more inclined to use this during the colder months of the year, when my skin is drier.

I also liked it a lot as a nighttime moisturizer. The stickiness isn’t much of a factor then, since you can just roll into bed XD

Bottom line: I love this, and would definitely buy the full size! I’d hang on to this bottle too though, so I could decant it for travel.

And while I did say earlier that I’ve seen the brand in stores before, this small sized version of the collagen mist is ridiculously hard to find. A couple of my friends wanted one too, so I looked in just about every store with a beauty section that I came across, to no avail. I’ve seen the full size everywhere, as well as the other products in the line, but never the little one. arg. eBay probably has it though, if you really don’t want the full size.



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