Confume Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist

It’s been a while. Truthfully I had a plan on getting a super fancy camera. However I scratched those plans and got a really nice point and shoot! 🙂 It’s a Panasonic Lumix and it’s a touch screen. I FEEL SO OLD THAT I MISS ALL THE BUTTONS. ;___; Like honestly this camera does make life a lot easier for multiple things. However I just… I miss all the hardcore manual thingamajigs.

But anyways let’s talk about the product of this week this Argan Hair Mist! I picked this up during my last haul. Annd I forgot to include it in the haul picture! Oops, so here you go instead!

Confume Argan Mist

Disclaimer: I purchased this! 😀 All the opinions are my own!

I remember asking the salesperson what this does, but I don’t remember what she said. This actually comes in two versions, a regular treatment and then the gold treatment. Well anyway I did a little research on the company but it doesn’t seem like I could find any that I could understand or a working website. But thankfully (I think?) the place also included a small english blurb which includes the ingredients!

Argan Mist Ingredients

So basically this is for those of you with chemical processed hair (according to the salesperson), it will help keep your color vivid, “revitalize waved hair providing firming effects,” and basically push it towards being healthy again.

First of all, I think my bottle is halfway through. I’m pretty addicted to this. I LOVE the way it smells (but if you are sensitive to fragrance this is not the product for you.) I really enjoy spraying this all over my hair. But I’m not sure if it really does anything. I think it does make my hair feel softer and smell nicer. But in terms of quality? It’s just okay. Looking at the ingredients there really isn’t a very high concentration of argan oil in it anyway.

Which is also in a way a good thing, because if you happen to spray a bit too much it doesn’t really weigh your hair down either

The shop sold this for $6.36, and for this price it’s not too bad of a purchase.

Bottom Line: For $6.36, I would definitely buy this again but not more than that because I don’t think it’s really worth anything higher than $7

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