Review: Nature Republic Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Okay.. I got this a while back and I didn’t really use it much. Instead I bought a second facial scrub because I had no idea how to use it! But this does cost $17.38 on amazon (omg did I really spend that much on this?!)

😐 I’m not that silly JSYK! Okay maybe a little.

Nature Republic Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Disclaimer: I bought this. These are my opinions. I speak truthiness.

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Here, There, Everywhere

Hello hello! I’m sorry for the long absence – my boyfriend just moved into a new apartment and we’ve been cleaning (the previous tenants left this place so gross like omg I can’t even), running around, building heavy furniture, generating ridiculous amounts of garbage, cleaning some more, and generally doing way more physical activity than the two of us have probably ever done. And we still have a lot to do @____@ At the time I am typing this, we’ve only built the bed and the TV stand, and there’s nothing in the fridge but water and beer. Half our close friends seem to have decided to get new jobs/leave town for a few days right when my boyfriend needed to move haha, and I’m tiny and weak and not much help, so we are running behind a bit. But I really like this place so far, and with small touches like our Batman hand towels and owl-covered shower curtain, it’s starting to feel like home!
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Review: Zombie CC Cream

Uuuuunnnngg~ I am a zombieeeeeee Lmao not really!! But I do feel like one these days. ~____~ I am so glad that Halloween is over now. I mean seriously my life had revolved around the store. And man… I am glad that we are packing up the costumes and back to regular life. Well not that regular. I’m in a huge rut where I’ve been super depressed. Buttt I need to tell you guys about this lovely Zombie CC Cream! I really like how they sell it with a full size container and a tester one, which you can use when you’re on the go/give it to a friend to try. 🙂 FYI: the people who sold it had the white stickers on the bottles covering the “SPF30 PA++” sign. This set was $21.82 when I had purchased it from the Korean Cosmetic Store I mentioned in my last haul post :)!

Zombie CC Cream

Disclaimer: I purchased this product. All the opinions here are my own.

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