Here, There, Everywhere

Hello hello! I’m sorry for the long absence – my boyfriend just moved into a new apartment and we’ve been cleaning (the previous tenants left this place so gross like omg I can’t even), running around, building heavy furniture, generating ridiculous amounts of garbage, cleaning some more, and generally doing way more physical activity than the two of us have probably ever done. And we still have a lot to do @____@ At the time I am typing this, we’ve only built the bed and the TV stand, and there’s nothing in the fridge but water and beer. Half our close friends seem to have decided to get new jobs/leave town for a few days right when my boyfriend needed to move haha, and I’m tiny and weak and not much help, so we are running behind a bit. But I really like this place so far, and with small touches like our Batman hand towels and owl-covered shower curtain, it’s starting to feel like home!

2013-11-04 12.53.27
Cardboard forever x_____x

2013-11-04 12.48.40
Apparently the curtains we bought are sold individually and thus we did not have enough to actually put up hahaha

2013-11-04 12.52.54
I only made the bed because our friend might come over today and help put the sofa together (boyfriend and I tried last night and it was heavy and we failed).

2013-11-04 12.50.40
The absolute first thing we set up! (In our defense, the TV was being delivered morning after he moved all his stuff in so we needed somewhere to put it)

And since I’m not moving in permanently at this time, this gives me the opportunity to buy four times as many bath and beauty products as I need (because before I was already buying two times as many LOL).

I also have a small pile of photos I took in Singapore that I was going to post…a month ago. I’ll get to it I promise >___>


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