Review: Nature Republic Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Okay.. I got this a while back and I didn’t really use it much. Instead I bought a second facial scrub because I had no idea how to use it! But this does cost $17.38 on amazon (omg did I really spend that much on this?!)

😐 I’m not that silly JSYK! Okay maybe a little.

Nature Republic Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Disclaimer: I bought this. These are my opinions. I speak truthiness.


Typically this is my night face washing routine when I would like to exfoliate my face:

  1. Get makeup off my face
  2. Initial washing of face to get rid of makeups
  3. Scrub face down with scrub. Now if I did not wear makeup that day then it is just this step x2.

This means that by the time I scrub my face, my face is wet! This product is strange. No matter how much product I used, it didn’t work well. Then I realized that I should take a look at the instructions (I didn’t because 1. It says this is a scrub! It’s not exactly too crazy to figure out how to work it!), which I had to google for because I threw out the box! And after some googling, I found this:

After cleaning the face, massage an appropriate amount of sugar scrub onto moist skin, concentrating over the entire face and wash off with lukewarm water. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

I mean I think I did everything I had to! But basically this is not a typical scrub, you have to use this as an exfoliating mask. I remember first using it I noticed a tingly feeling, but since then I think it’s really the citrus-y scent that gave me the idea that it has a tingly feeling? Otherwise it does okay as a scrub. It’s not as granular as I like but it does it’s job as a scrub. But as an exfoliating mask, mehh I can see how it’s super moisturizing because it has a texture similar to how honey does when it gets super cold but doesn’t exactly harden all the way.

Nature Republic Mandarin Sugar Scrub Close Up

One of the things I hate the most about this is how hard it is to get the stuff out of the bottle! It’s a squeeze tube, but damn it is really difficult to get the product out. I mean besides that and the mediocre exfoliating it has, I doubt that I would repurchase this. I mean for the price, yea I can see how this can be a rather good exfoliating mask, but I did purchase this thinking it was a great scrub! I mean look at the name! It says scrub and not mask/masque. 😐 I am very disappoint.

Bottom Line: For this price I would repurchase it. I mean if you are looking for a moisturizing mask that exfoliates, this might be it for you. But I wouldn’t 100% recommend it to everyone.


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