Singapore Photodump!

Here it is at last i am sorry for taking so long aaahhhh x_______x I ended up actually losing a bunch of photos when I was messing with my phone, and so this post ended up being much smaller than I’d originally intended. It was pretty upsetting, which I think was part of the reason why I put off putting it up for so long; I was there for two months and only have such a small amount of photos to share ugh so embarrassing. But I have enough interesting pictures of food in here that hopefully someone will find it interesting .____. I will work harder on being a better blogger!

It boggles my mind how expensive imported brands can get @____@

This guy was an arcade machine prize that I did not win >:

Pizza topped with smoked duck, truffle mayo, and arugula, a trademark dish at Two Face in Tiong Bahru.

Testing out my phone’s panorama mode on the view from the boardwalk from VivoCity to Sentosa. The HTC Sense camera app is fantastic; stock Android has nothing on it (I rooted my phone and was using a CM 10.1 based rom for a couple weeks and had to switch back because I couldn’t take it, haha). It’s a shame that 90% of everything else about Sense is such an eyesore. but anyway back on topic

2013-07-30 13.48.00
…is there a reason why they shouldn’t taste real? D:

2013-07-30 14.05.27
Hong Kong style baked cheesy rice with seafood. It tasted pretty real to me, although I ordered the abalone version, it was S$13, and the tagline on the placemat (above) makes me suspicious.

2013-08-07 14.55.08
WALTER ā™„ā™„ā™„ (read more about the SAM here)

2013-08-15 15.07.38
My uncle is a retired teacher, and apparently all his students love Pepper Lunch and he made me and my brothers go try it out for him šŸ˜› This is a Hamburg steak with cheesy omelette rice and curry sauce on the side. I’m glad it was on the side; it was really salty D: everything else was great, though I’m 90% sure that it’s popular with schoolkids mostly because of the student discount šŸ˜›

2013-08-15 15.07.49
My brother’s double hamburg steak.

2013-09-02 21.01.00
From Breadtalk, a bakery chain that is pretty much all over the place. They have so many buns based on Singaporean dishes! Didn’t manage to try them all though; they sell out pretty early ): This is a laksa bun wtf how do you put that on a piece of bread. Answer is, you can’t, and this is really just spicy coconutty chicken but it was still delicious.

2013-09-02 21.00.53
Otah bun! Topped with cheese for some reason? Otah is one of my favorite things ever and I was disappointed this bun only had two measly pieces inside but I still shoved the entire thing in my mouth in one go. (not really)

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