Hair Chronicles

Hey guys! I think that it’s time for an update. I mean unless you follow me on instagram.. click>> here

Now I’m know that I didn’t exactly update you when my hair was green (Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest). However I did have it for a good month and a half, and I did expect the manic panic to wash out a lot faster than it actually did. And frankly I just got tired of it and it was washing out anyway. (Sorry for this instagram ready picture)

Manic Panic Enchanted Forest

So I just stripped my hair of all the color that I could with just one box of Color Oops. and then went in with a bottle of Special Effects Electric Blue. I was very very silly and thought that with my length and thickness of hair, one bottle could cover it all. So basically I started with my back hair and once I reached the top of my head…. I was basically just trying to get what I can get out of the bottle of Special Effects I had. So… I went and got out my bottle of Manic Panic After Midnight and finished the job…

Front and Side View

But if you know Special Effects Hair Dye news, you should know that they are out of stock of almost every color ever. So whatever color you can actually find in stores right now is all you will be able to find until Special Effects starts production again. Rumor has it Special Effects produces a certain quantity of their product each year… or at least that’s what my manager told me when I asked her.

Back on topic! As you can tell my hair is now super multi-faceted! Manic Panic’s After Midnight gave me the lighter blueish colors and Special Effect’s Electric Blue gave me more of a purpleish blue color. Somehow I’m just in love with it! I will say however it seems that my bottle of Special Effects had a more gel-like consistency and Manic Panic is more pudding-like. Is that normal? Eek. It’s gonna be hard to grow my hair out and keeping it as virgin as possible~ 😐 😐

I don’t think I can go back to generic hair colors! D: D: D: HALP!

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