Making Christmas!

My boyfriend agreed to decorate his apartment for Christmas this year, which was really exciting for me – while my family celebrates the get-together aspect of the holidays, we’ve never gotten too festive about it. So this is a little late, I know, but I wanted to share my very first Christmas tree with you! *___* (okay so my boyfriend put it up and is responsible for 100000% of it but I am laying claim to it anyway). It’s a fake tree because his apartment is carpeted, and neither of us wanted to deal with needles, haha.

But it has lights wired into it so decorating was less work, always a plus.

The colored LEDs are awesome, but I prefer it without them; it just looks more classic that way.

Our friend bought us an adorable snowman candle holder with a scented candle to help create an illusion of real tree smell! If only we’d gotten a tree skirt (my boyfriend said it didn’t need one because his tree isn’t ashamed of what it really is. I cropped the stand out of my photos anyway).

I crocheted a few ornaments for the tree 😀 We sort of have an owls-and-Batman theme going on in our apartment (not Batman with owls though, unfortunately that seems to be hard to find), so they were naturally first on my list when I went pattern hunting. (look, it’s me in the upper right corner of the Batman ornament photo! hahaha)

And I knitted this one but it turned out too big and I didn’t end up putting it on the tree. This is what I get for ignoring the gauge on the yarn label/not doing my own swatch. It’s such a cute pattern though, I’ll probably try it again.

I found all the ornament patterns on Ravelry, though I did modify the Batman one to make it bigger – I added a row and made some of the stitches bigger (dc instead of hdc, hdc instead of sc, sc instead of sl) but I’m not actually very good at crochet so I can’t guarantee what I did would work again. I wish I’d had time to make a few more; our tree is pretty empty and all the ornaments are on one side of it, hahah. But I guess we’ll be adding to it as time goes on (:

I hope everyone who celebrates had a good holiday 😀 For my family, the holidays don’t end until Chinese New Year, muahahaha. Thank you all for stopping by our tiny blog, it means a lot to me that people are reading (not to mention liking and commenting!) on the ramblings I post on the world wide internets. ❤

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