Happy 2014! I hope this year is good to all of us (: 2013 was a pretty stressful year for me, especially towards the end, so I’m hoping I will have the opportunity to get myself and my life all sorted out. There’s just something so refreshing and motivating about the beginning of January!

But the best part about the holiday season is the Buy One, Get One sale at LUSH. true story. My friend and I decided to go to their Upper West Side location because it is the furthest away from the more popular areas of Manhattan, and we figured it would therefore be less crowded and have more stock. Unfortunately, it seemed that several other people had the same idea and it was crowded anyway haha. But we managed, and left the store with the overwhelming urge to bathe. I have to wait until my visiting family leaves though, since our water won’t heat up quickly enough with all these people in the house. ;_______;

blah blah blah jessica what did you buy already geez

The Christmas Friends and the Happy Bathday giftsets! There weren’t many of the medium-sized sets left when we got to the store and I took forever to pick stuff out because I wanted a better deal, but wasn’t willing to spend much XD

Christmas Friends comes in this adorable tin, illustrated by Celyn Brazier.

Everything inside is from their holiday releases this year: The Christmas Penguin bubble bar (i love penguins i may or may not already have had two of these when i picked this box up and it may or may not have been the reason i got this set in the first place), Father Christmas bath bomb, Magic Wand bubble bar (the only thing in here I didn’t actually want that much – I’m not a big fan of candy-sweet scents), Bombardino bath bomb, Snowman bath bomb, and Melting Snowman bath melt.

Happy Bathday is actually not a holiday giftset but I guess it had been sitting around the store for a while so they were trying to get rid of it. I felt kind of sad buying something that someone had painstakingly wrapped so nicely, only to keep it for myself, but oh well.

There’s a noisemaker inside! Way to make me feel even more like a loser for keeping this XD

This comes with the Phoenix Rising bath bomb, Avobath bath ballistic, Pop in the Bath bubble bar, The Comforter bubble bar, Big Blue bath bomb, and Fizzbanger bath bomb. These are all pretty huge (ranging from 3.5-7oz, or 100-200g), so I plan on cutting them up and getting multiple uses from each. Because yes, self, you will use these. I’ve had some hoarding issues with my LUSH purchases in the past, and after my last bath, I noticed the bath bomb I used barely had any scent anymore because I’ve had it for so long 😐 no more of this. I won’t even let myself hang onto The Christmas Penguin.

I bought the Christmas Friends for $48.95, and the Happy Bathday set was the free one (retailed for $42.95). The prices are close enough that I’m happy with my freebies, and now my room smells freaking amazing oh man

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