isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care System Review

Happy New Year guys!!! 🙂 It’s been a while since my last post but I will do my best to get out at least one post a week or every two weeks? It does take some time to get my mind together and also to not be too lazy. But let’s get going with the newest thing I got!

So my face is a mess. It is full of scars, hyperpigmentation, and pimples that pop up every now and then. So I thought to help even and get rid of some scarring that this would work. I had purchased this during the Korean Cosmetic Shop 50% sale. I kid you not, but this little bottle was quite a bit pre-sale price!! It sells for $63.70 but because the store was on sale, I got it for $31.85! I scored and big time!!

Isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum

Disclaimer: I totally paid money to get this
Basically isoi stands for I’m SO Intelligent. This is in their logo. What. But I think they’ve been around in Korea for a while now? Forgive me if I’m wrong, their global site gives 2008 as the earliest date for probably when they’ve been around and I don’t understand korean to actually understand their korean site. 😦

Anyway I believe that their products is basically free of any type of parabens or potentially harmful ingredients as shown by this lovely stamp that was on this particular product of theirs.

Isoi Stamp of No's

I like that there isn’t any synthetic colors for fragrances but after reading and hearing about mineral oils I personally don’t believe that mineral oils are potentially harmful. However PEGs? Propylene Glycol? I don’t know what any of this is and not sure if this is marketing or if any of these are just bad.

This aside I have been using this for a while. And honestly I haven’t exactly seen a difference in the hyperpigmentation/scarring that is happening on my face skin.

Before/After for isoi serum

I mean besides the pimples that are still recurring I don’t really believe that this product has been beneficial for my skin at all. So… yea. (Excuse the 2nd picture. The weather hasn’t exactly been good for picture taking for the after picture)

Bottom Line: If you would like to get this, get it on sale. Otherwise save up your pennies for something else that actually works better.

Before I forget here is their ingredients list:

Isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum Ingredients

😦 Currently there is a snow storm going through the northwest of USA. They’re calling it Snow Storm Hercules. WHY?!?!?!?!


5 thoughts on “isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care System Review

    • I actually got it at that same exact place. I mentioned it in a previous post about the haul I had from there because they had a 50% off everything sale around November. So I lucked out there. But if you visit I think they’ll sell it online. Taking a look at the site it seems like it’s the same company who opened up that popup store.

  1. I buy starter kit RM96 (np RM110) at Festivals City KL .. then I buy tonic (toner) 130ml RM98 .. Today im going to buy facial wash but the shop u der renovation .. make me sad coz im going to perth tmoro without any facial wash

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