Current Loves!

I’ve been kind of obsessed with a fair amount of things recently, and can’t tear myself away from them long enough to type out a full blog post for each of them! So I combined them into a longer post – here’s what my life has looked like lately ๐Ÿ˜€ (this is a rather poor attempt at making me look like I’ve been doing anything interesting)

I have never been able to make a scarf – I keep getting bored and giving up halfway through. But I am trying so hard to finish this one! I found some cotton yarn my mother bought years ago and never had time to do anything with (how fitting). I’ve messed up a stitch on half the rows, but was too lazy to go back and redo any of them so I might actually get somewhere with this, haha. I also think I should have used a smaller hook, or maybe a thicker yarn, because the seashells don’t really look like anything. I bet you didn’t know they were supposed to be seashells until you read that previous sentence. I found instructions on the seashell stitch on AllAboutAmi, where she used a thicker yarn and her shells actually look like shells.

I’ve been using Nova Launcher, which is awesome and saved me from having to look at the HTC Sense home screen layout, since I got my phone a year and a half ago, but this is so different and I’ve been spending so much time adjusting my home screen layout. The level of customizability is ridiculous. Everything on my screen aside from the app shortcuts and the calendar is Themer’s Everything Widget. The clock, the weather, all of it. Including the circles and the headers and stuff. ALL OF IT. THE SAME WIDGET. My theme, called Horizon, was premade and can be downloaded through the Themer app, but I did tweak it a bit to suit my needs. Get Themer at the Play Store, but be aware that it is still in beta so not everything runs perfectly just yet.

Diamond Lash Fairy Eye
I loveeee these lashes – they’re comfortable and are short enough that they work for everyday looks and don’t smush up against my glasses lens, but long enough to actually make a difference, and can be used in more dramatic looks as well. I got these in Japan two years ago, but I’ve seen Diamond Lash for sale on various websites. Apparently this style is one of the most popular among gyaru!

Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness
I played episode three on my brother’s Steam account when I was in Singapore, and Humble Bundle had all four of them for sale a few weeks ago so I bought them for myself (and donated to charity! I win). I’m going through them in order, and am now replaying the third one to remind myself of the story, which is stupid great. I enjoy Penny Arcade even when the comics are about games I’ve never heard of and probably won’t ever play. I prefer the style of the second half of the series to the first two games, which were produced by different developers, but they had a lot more to do in them – I’m pretty big on sidequests and achievements ๐Ÿ˜› So the last two games feel kind of, I don’t know how to describe, distant maybe? Still fun though. You can find these on Steam.

I’ve made good on my vow to use my Lush stuff, and who would have guessed these things are way more awesome when you actually throw them in your bath instead of just sticking your nose into them every so often? I’ve been trying to take a bath every week, but it’s been kind of difficult to make time for that. This was a bath with Big Blue bath bomb, which has bits of seaweed in it that are very hard to clean. It wasn’t until afterwards that I learned the trick of tying the bath bomb in old hosiery so that the seaweed won’t get all over the tub. -____-

The weather in NYC was unbelievable a couple of weeks ago. I ordered these on Thinkgeek during a sale, and even though they arrived after the temperatures rose above freezing, I am quite pleased with myself for buying them. I bought two packs of four – one of the green ones was split open upon arrival and I didn’t think it was worth it to replace it because Thinkgeek doesn’t do exchanges, just returns, plus I’d have to pay return shipping and bleargh. The warmth lasts long enough for me to keep my hands toasty on the way home or to work, as long as they don’t get lost in my coat because my pockets have split open and everything’s been falling into the abyss that is the coat lining. They’re also really fun to reset, which you do in boiling water. (I am easily amused.)

Schwarz Stein – Transient
My iPod went into a recovery mode loop recently, and I tried but wasn’t able to get it out (it was jailbroken). I ended up having to restore it to factory settings, losing all my music. Ugh. And of course I barely had backups of anything that I didn’t own as a physical CD (I refuse to pay for digital music) because the storage server my family shares suffered a hard drive crash not too long ago. However, I did find some burned CDs and DVDs full of older, more obscure songs, so at least I was able to recover those. And I rediscovered some old loves, which both makes me happy and feel super old. I’d forgotten how much I loved this song (which came out in 2003 omg what), and this band with their grammatically incorrect name that I have to force myself not to fix when I mention them. >___>

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