Missha Glam Art Lipstick

Unsurprisingly I’m bad at keeping resolutions. But on the other hand I am surprised that I haven’t written anything about all the lip products I own. But…. most of them are well used and not picture perfect so forgive me for not exactly wanting to show you things that are not perfect. 

Missha Glam Lipstick

However I have this one to talk about! The Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge which retails for about $16. You can definitely find it on misshaus.com. The particular one I have is listed as SOP 401.

So according to the website it says that it follows the ~3 S System~ which is…

  1. Soft & wide base for smooth application
  2. Sexy volume. Contains Marine Collagen for elasticity.
  3. Stay power. Long lasting, 12 hour color and moisture stay

I laughed reading this mostly because I thought it was seriously reaching for it with number 2. Sexy volume.

But in all seriousness it is extremely smooth to apply and it has an amazing color pay off as you can see here. Forgive me for just giving a swatch. I’m going over some face-skin issues which I will address in probably the next post.

Missha Lipstick Missha Lipstick Swatch

Now on the other hand the lasting power of this? Not that long. And if you eat food? Yea expect to reapply this lipstick ASAP.

Honestly I really like this lipstick. The color is pretty amazing and it’s not like I’m looking for amazing plump lips when I buy lipstick so if you can grab this!

Though…. have you tried any other Missha lipsticks? Glosses? Anything I should keep my eyes out for? 🙂 🙂


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