Winter Days and Face Issues

Winter is coming!

😛 I have recently gotten really obsessed with Game of Thrones and the book series as well. I’ve been reading it almost everyday and maaaaan all the drama and action. Literally my heart cannot handle all this!

But let’s get on with what I am talking about today. Currently I’ve been going through several issues with my face skin. 😦 I’ve been breaking out rather badly on my left cheek and with a few more popping up on the other parts of my face as well. And currently I have a lot of product at home. Most of it being from the Murad Acne line, however I haven’t really been using them daily or anything. Maybe once in a while when I’m all “UGH WHY FACE WHYYY.”

But I think the main suspect is Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel.


Disclaimer: I didn’t purchase this product. I had received it as a free gift when attending a workshop that is related to my current job. (Beauty/Retail)

One of the things about this product is that it states it on the bottle “for all skin types except for sensitive.” Now I don’t exactly believe that I have sensitive skin but this product and my previous experience with PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) has changed this belief of mine to I have strangely somewhat sensitive skin.

But let’s start off with my experience I had purchased the PTR Blemish Buster Kit in 2012. It was in the summer so I had also bleached the crap out of my hair and turned blonde. So I started that regime and was blonde and my face broke out like crazy. I was in a panic I stopped the PTR and got a gentle cleansing cleanser and threw everything out. Even though I did get my roots touched up for a while afterwards + when I touched up my own roots and somewhat my whole head of hair I never broke out as bad as that one time ever again. However afterwards I did blame the bleaching of the hair rather often.

Now I had been using another rather cheap-o deal korean cleanser that I had got from one of the asian beauty shops you can find in Flushing, NY. I noticed that the bottle broke so I was all “OH! I can start using the bottle of PTR cleanser that I had gotten earlier in the year!” And I loove using new things *____* so I used it and conjunction with a whole other stuff that I was also using. Nothing really changed except that the winter came I had to change my moisturizer to something else. Since I’m rather broke these days it has been this Missha travel-size sample that I had received in my previous haul… oh so long ago.


But then the pimples started coming and I started panicking. And came the masks and the decrease in exfoliation. Nothing really helped. Not even my beloved Aztec Clay Mask. And I didn’t understand it. Until last week when I decided that maybe I should go back to a basic cleanser (Eucerin’s Gentle Hydrating Cleanser) that I liked in the past and never really did anything bad for my skin. Thus it revealed that it has been the PTR Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel that’s been breaking me out! Since this isn’t the first time in terms of my experience with the PTR facial cleansing line.

Literally bottom line: Get it in a kit or from Sephora. It’s not worth the money or the acne scars to let you know that this isn’t the product for you.


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