Late Clio Haul!

Clio is this really fun make up line in South Korea. If you know who Dara from 2NE1 is, she’s basically the face of Clio at the moment. Previously it used to be Lee Hyori, the queen. FYI: I want to be her because she is basically an amazing person. But this is from a while ago and I totally forgot that I had this on my camera.


Clio is not by any means a cheap store. It is pricey however they did have several deals But I did get a bunch of stuff

Things I got:

  1. Soo Ae Snail Elastic & Moist Mask $20
  2. Soo Ae Snail Whitening & Moist Mask $20
  3. Soo Ae Premium Cleansing Foam $30
  4. Phytoshrink Andiroba Seed Pore Fresh-Up Toner Jumbo $30
  5. Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask $2
  6. Tea Tree Collagen Essence Mask $2
  7. Nature Republic Fresh Steam Cream $18 (I needed this!)

Okay I basically went to buy like 2 things, toner and moisturizer and I left with more than 2 items. RIP MY WALLET! But there were a few things that were a deal. Like the boxes of the Soo Ae Masks, they were buy 2 and get a cleanser for free. So…. I didn’t pay anything for the Soo Ae Premium Cleansing Foam. The little box with the cartoon was actually a lip stain that Clio sells. It was orange and made me look like I was eating something spicy. However the next day the whole thing spilt all over my bag so I had to toss it really fast.

Unfortunately this and the next haul post will be my last in March. I’m participating in lent and have given up frivolous spending on all things beauty. Minus my small shopping spree, to celebrate my last day working at Ricky’s (which has always been a thing I just never anticipated that I would be doing it during lent), I will probably have all the time in the world to catch up on posting!

Oh yea.. FYI I’m leaving Ricky’s NYC 😡 to an office job. And now I finally feel like I have time for lots of things! Like this blog! ^_____^  Just wondering, what are you giving up for lent?



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