My Awesome New Laptop Sleeve from Babimini

I spend about half the week at my boyfriend’s apartment, and lugging things back and forth is a real pain. Some time ago I had to bring over some clothing, and I’d wanted to bring my laptop as well because we’ve started playing Diablo III again (should I get the expansion? I feel like I’d need it if I want to continue having fun) and I’d prefer to join in rather than sit there and watch him play with our friends haha. But the only thing I had to transport it is a huge messenger bag, and it doesn’t fit in the tote I use to hold my clothes. I had to leave it behind that time because I wasn’t about to carry two giant bags plus my purse onto public transportation with me. So I decided to buy a laptop sleeve! I wanted a cute one with a pocket for my power cord and mouse, and eventually stumbled across this one by Babimini on Etsy. It was adorable but a bit pricey, so I added it to my favorites but held off in hopes of finding something cheaper. I never did find one that fit my 15.6″ laptop (and had a pocket) that I quite liked as much as this one though, so after I filed my tax return, I indulged myself.


I bought it on the 6th (a Thursday), and it was shipped out on the 11th. I was told it would take two to three business days to make, so that was accurate. I then waited VERY IMPATIENTLY for it to arrive. It was delivered on the 26th, so it took about two weeks to get to NY from Munich. That’s actually a lot less time than what it felt like; guess I was just that excited about it 😛

I love postcards/travel motifs, and actually had a hard time picking a fabric print – there are other sleeves with similar themes, like stamps, letters, and maps. So cute! And it’s well-made too – all the seams are finished and the zippers are secure and don’t get stuck along the tracks. And check out how the fabric was lined up so the print isn’t disjointed:


I am the type of person who pays a lot of attention to small details (maybe sometimes even too much), so I really appreciate that. Even if I didn’t, it makes it obvious that they put a lot of thought into making the sleeve/cutting the fabric.

The laptop case is a couple centimeters taller than my actual computer, but when I put my cables and mouse in there it evens out a bit. It’s not a super snug fit like you’d get with a Neoprene sleeve, but that isn’t something I take issue with. They do take custom orders at no extra charge if you would like something more tailored, though.

If you’re on the lookout for a cute, high-quality laptop sleeve, definitely check out Babimini on Etsy; they also make messenger bags, sleeves with handles, and iPad sleeves! I do feel it’s worth the high price (which could be in part due to the exchange rate, since the US dollar is kind of sad compared to the Euro).



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