Panda Café!

So here’s the story. While scrolling through my instagram list I noticed that one of the pictures was locationally-tagged at a place called Panda Café. Basically I thought of a friend who is absolutely obsessed with pandas. That and I needed to go there. I looked it up as in where it is and a bit of the reviews on yelp, otherwise I was really going in with no expectations what-so-ever. So I made plans with Jessica to go there on a Saturday.

The place is located in Elmhurst, which isn’t too far from Queens Center Mall. On this fine day I drove there with Jessica because we wanted to save on metrocard money and I said I’d drop her off at her boyfriend’s with her heavy laptop. Surprisingly parking wasn’t a nightmare to find despite it being Saturday and thus we parked and away we go~


The café is ADORABLE. Pandas everywhere. I cannot. It is so cute. *Squeal*


We checked out the semi menu out front first so see what we might want and noticed this thing called Kami Nabe or Paper Hot Pot. It’s basically a precooked hot pot placed in front of you (instead of a traditional one where you cook it by yourself) all contained by some thick paper of sorts! This really did catch our eye and we decided on getting that as our lunch.

So as drinks goes I got a Rose Aloe Tea (LEFT) and Jess got a Peach Oolong Tea (RIGHT). These were amazing they packed the perfect balance between tea and sweetness. I really like it when you order bubble tea without any adjustments and they come out perfect!


We also got Taro Fries. Oh man these were pretty amazing. They have this lovely coating of something that just makes these fries amazingly sweet with a taste of spice. It’s delicious! I may try their sweet potato fries next time, but these are definitely a must!


And here is our main course the double beef Kami Nabe that we got with a level of medium spicy. Since we’ve never been there before I didn’t want to go full on spicy because if it is too spicy then it would’ve ruined the experience with needing to get a lot of water. Heh..heh…heh.. I can’t take that much spice! But as you can see in the picture, all there is that contains the food is just that bit of paper! It is thick but oh man surprised that it worked so well.


 FYI all the pictures were taken by Jess. I mean I brought my camera but I am amazing and left the memory card at home! 😀

The place was super amazing! However if you were to share the paper hot pot to share between two people (totally do able) if you’re not hungry don’t get double beef. Double beef/pork/chicken/anything might be a bit too much protein. Also you are going to only get one bowl of  rice, so think about asking for a second bowl if you think one is not enough for you, or if you want to share with a friend. 

Hmmm also we didn’t take pictures of it but we got two more drinks before we left. I got a Taro Milk Tea, which is my favorite drink! I think that if you were to get this, ask for less ice because when I got it all regular it just tasted too watery too me. But if that’s the case of it being too watery tasting after asking for less ice, then there’s a problem. Jessica got a Strawberry Milk Tea, which a lot of people ordered that day! This got us to thinking that it is a rather popular and delicious drink. Oh… how we were wrong. It was actually very artificial tasting, and this made us very sad. Well Jess more than me because it was her drink after all. Hehe.

Even all that I definitely want to go back a few more times! 🙂 🙂

Any good cafés I should be looking out for?? 🙂

– Yaling

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