Jewerich Eyelash Keeper (Lash Adhesive) Review

I’ve been using Duo’s lash adhesive pretty much since I started wearing falsies, but was never 100% happy with it. The amount of time it takes to get tacky is just annoying, not to mention the fact that it smells like dead fish (please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this!). I finally used up my tube a while ago, and have been relying on the little packs of adhesive that come packaged with lashes. All of them suck and I don’t know why lash companies bother including them. The other day I was walking to the subway and a drop of water fell on my eyelid. My lashes fell right off! Good thing I was on my way home after work. @_____@

I’ve been interested in the adhesives that have brush applicators, but until recently, Western brands haven’t really made any. So the last time I bought some clothes from Runway Channel, I decided to pick up the Jewerich Eyelash Keeper as well, because it is pink for no reason at all >______>

I couldn’t find a list of ingredients anywhere, not even on the packaging wtf. Though to be fair, I can barely read Japanese so if it is there I might not be able to tell you anyway, haha. So I don’t know whether this is latex free or not, sorry ):

I can, however, read that it is waterproof and claims to keep your lashes on the entire day! I haven’t experienced any more water droplet incidents, but this does keep my lashes on all day while still being easy to remove. From my face, that is. It’s pretty hard to get off the falsies themselves. I normally clean the glue off my lashes and keep them for way more than the ten uses everyone says you’re supposed to get out of them, but I can see the Jewerich glue shortening their lifespan a bit. I can still clean them, but it does take a bit of effort, especially on the more delicate styled lashes with thinner bands. I’ve already accidentally pulled some lash clusters off the bands while attempting to clean the glue off.

This adhesive doesn’t require any waiting time, so it did take me a few tries to get the hang of it. I’m used to having time to position my lashes or bend the band, but with this glue they have to be on my face right away. And because I keep my lash bands longer than the actual length of my eye, and don’t apply them exactly at my lashline (doing this elongates your eyes! Helpful if you find that most false lashes make your eyes disappear), I find it easier to apply them with my tweezers.

The biggest issue I have with it is that the mouth of the bottle is a bit too wide. The brush always ends up with too much glue on it. But since it dries so fast and is more of a gel-like consistency than liquidy, wiping it off on the mouth of the bottle just builds it up. And it stays slightly tacky, so you’ve got globs of hardened yet sticky adhesive on the bottle and sometimes it sticks to the brush and ughhh. You definitely have to keep the bottle clean in order to avoid headaches.

I do like this glue, but I don’t recommend going out of your way to obtain it. The ease of using a brush-on adhesive is well worth the learning curve and I don’t think I can ever go back to adhesives in squeeze tubes. However, I doubt I would repurchase this; it’s a bit pricey and I’d have to get it online, so shipping would make it cost even more. I’d rather find a brand I can get a hold of more easily. I hear Duo and Revlon have brush-on adhesives now, so those are next on my list to try (but of course if anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them)!

This retails for ¥756, and I got it from Runway Channel, but you will need a shopping service to order from them if you don’t live in Japan. I personally use Tenso.



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