Etude House I Need You, Yogurt! Wash-off Mask Pack Review – Strawberry

Sorry for taking so long to finish these relatively short reviews – I’ve been adjusting my life schedule around my new full-time job, and as you can probably tell, I am failing 😐 hahahaaaaaah I have so little time nowadays augh

Anyway, I finally put the third mask pack on my face! HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS.

Read my previous reviews on the other masks in the set: apricot and kiwi.

The strawberry mask has a skin brightening effect. I don’t use products like that very often, but I never notice any difference when I do, so right off the bat I doubted I’d be able to see any results.

This mask doesn’t have the clumpy, pulpy bits the previous two did, and smells just like a strawberry milkshake. It pretty much feels like you’re putting yoghurt on your face. It smells delicious I had to actively stop myself from attempting to eat it.

The first thing I noticed when I rinsed it off was that a few of the pimples that had been growing on my face had dried up and shrunk. MOST EXCELLENT. Unfortunately, the mask had no other discernible effect. Of course it made my skin feel awesome, but there wasn’t anything that really made it stand out and my complexion looked exactly the same. In fact, it was pretty much just like the kiwi one except it smelled better. Boo. Next!


2 thoughts on “Etude House I Need You, Yogurt! Wash-off Mask Pack Review – Strawberry

    • I actually do think they’re worth a try if you don’t focus so much on their intended effects, haha! They are good masks in every other sense – they did make my skin feel nice, they’re not too expensive, and they smell awesome (except the kiwi, wasn’t a big fan of that one lol)

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