Review: Kracie Hadabisei Revitalizing Facial Mask & Cream Pack (6 Sheets)

Spring is finally here! Several weeks ago I had some plans that had fell through. *COUGHCOUGHCATCAFECOUGHCOUGH*

Okay, remember when Purina had a big promo with this NYC Cat Cafe? I was planning on going. Unfortunately on the day I went I discovered that I had gone too late and I was denied all the cats and pettings. So instead of just going to the city and going home I did a few things and voila~ the day was not a complete fail!

I did manage to go to Ricky’s and purchase this Kracie Hadabisei Revitalizing Facial Mask & Cream Pack. It was about $20. But you can buy this on Amazon for $20 + shipping or you can purchase it on BeautyKat for like 15.99 idk about shipping though.Kracie Box

Disclaimer: I purchased this myself & all opinions are my own. PS: Am I doing this right ever? Lmao 

The insides of that box look like thissss:

Kracie Pack

Okay you basically get to see one of each! MUAHAHA. I couldn’t fit it all in the picture nicely. So this is what you will get. I haven’t really been using the moisturizer because I have another one that I’ve been using right now and I’m pretty happy with it! 😀

Taking this right from amazon’s page for this product:

This pack comes with 5 sheets of Hadabisei Kracie Moisturizing Face Mask (with clearing result), 1 sheet of Hadabisei Kracie Whitening Face Mask and 1.76oz of Hadabisei Kracie Clearing Face Cream.

So far I used at least 3 of the Moisturizing Face Mask, don’t put your hopes on the clearing results part. Unless your face is relatively clear It won’t exactly do much. The one thing I will say about it is that I’m surprised at how…. little product there was in the baggie.

Kracie Mask On

What I’m not trying to say is that there is no product. There definitely is product in it! But it’s not as much as what you would get in a My Beauty Diary Sheet Mask pack. It is good and moisturizing but I wouldn’t exactly repurchase it.

Bottom line: For $20 it’s a pretty good deal especially since it does come with a jar of moisturizer. I’d recommend you to buy this if you would just like a extra boost of moisture on your face 🙂 If you want miracles with acne, this is not the product for you then.


4 thoughts on “Review: Kracie Hadabisei Revitalizing Facial Mask & Cream Pack (6 Sheets)

    • Yes! Ricky’s has been getting more Japanese branded products recently. I know for sure that they have the Shiseido Tsubaki line for hair and two other lines of sheet masks. 🙂

  1. Thanks for review! My gf bought this kit at the local Marukai Japanese market here in LA. She is looking for a mask that helps with acne. She is frustrated – she’s tried so many different creams (& kits – including that expensive one on TV all the time). Do you have any recommendations?

    • Haha no problem! Are you talking about proactive? I heard that it works but not for all people, but for your skin to continue to look good you need to continuously use that product so I was never a fan of it. But if it’s just for acne I don’t know if I would recommend this kit.

      I would definitely suggest her to look into mud masks because I think they’re a lot more effective in dealing with acne.

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