Sir Edward, Mochi, and Buttons!

First off, I am so, so sorry for the impromtu hiatus – I’ve been busy doing boring life-maintenance whatevery things for the most part. But something really exciting happened to me recently, and I wanted to share!

Sir Edward, Mochi, and Buttons!

Yes, they are rats, and no, they are not rabid, disease-ridden, or from the subway tunnels. I know lots of folks aren’t into small pets/rodents, but they’ve always been my favorite (yet another convincing argument that I am a cat in the body of a human). I finally got my boyfriend to adopt some with me last month, and we brought Sir Edward and his brother Eeyore home when they were about 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, Eeyore passed away suddenly after about three weeks, which was extremely upsetting ):

Eeyore, about a week after we brought him home. He was always very skittish, and spent most of his time hiding in a corner (hence his name). He did start getting used to us after a while though, and was starting to be more confident about leaving the cage for free range time right before he died, which just made everything that much more awful. I just hope he wasn’t in any pain.

Rats are social creatures, which was why we had adopted two, but after what happened to Eeyore my boyfriend and I decided it would be best to get two more this time, and keep them in trios so we wouldn’t have one rat by his lonesome in the future. We spent extra time with Sir Edward before bringing the new rats home, but human friends are just not comparable, especially when they have full-time jobs.

Mochi and Buttons are both about a month older than Edward. Sir Edward was the runt of his litter (his name comes from the Fullmetal Alchemist character since he was so small, but my boyfriend has never seen the show and complained about how normal the name was, so we added the “sir”) and our vet told us he was a little small for his age, so I was worried that the two new rats, since they already knew each other, would gang up on Edward. So far they’re getting along okay, though it appears that Mochi is a jerk who picks fights and walks/sits all over everyone’s faces, including mine and boyfriend’s, as evidenced above XD But we’re introducing them to each other slowly, and they’re all still fairly young, so we’re pretty confident that they’ll all be together in the big cage within a few days!

I do have a couple more posts in the works, many thanks for sticking around! Hopefully our poor blog won’t be this neglected again ;~;



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