Jurlique Lavender Silk Finishing Powder Review

Now that the weather is melting us down into human sludge so warm, my face produces all the oils 😐 I am forever on the lookout for a sunscreen that doesn’t basically liquefy my face, but in the meantime a good oil-control product is always welcome. You might remember the review I did last year on the Maybelline foundation (god those photos sucked i am sorry) that worked really well for me; I loved it until I dropped my bag, with the compact inside, ON A CARPETED FLOOR and half of it just crumbled to dust and misery and now I refuse to bring it outside.

Jurlique is an Australian brand, though they do have stores in the US and Sephora carries a small selection of their skincare. My great-aunt, who lives in Perth, sent my mother a care package with some of their products recently, including the Lavender Silk Finishing Powder, but my mom has dry skin so she passed it on to me. I haven’t used finishing powders in a while; the last one I had was from Hard Candy and it had talc in it, which left a white cast all over my face and smelled like baby butts. bleh.

It’s a loose powder, and comes in a sifter compact (you can’t unscrew it. I tried. So no worries about spilling!) with a really cute thick powder puff. I love the size of this thing, it really plugs up the sifter when you have the compact closed, so even if you put it in your bag and then throw it down a hallway there won’t be a huge amount of powder in the well that’ll get all over the mirror, which is something I can’t stand about bringing loose powder products outside.

It smells very strongly of lavender with a hint of something herbal, maybe rosemary, so be aware if you’re sensitive to that. I love lavender; my mother has kept lavender bushes in our front yard for as long as I can remember, and the scent reminds me of home and fresh air and breezy summer days. BUT I GUESS SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT OR WHATEVER. >___> I don’t notice the smell after applying it, though.

The first time I tried this, I used the powder puff it came with and the CC cream I was wearing immediately stained it. ;^; I tried using a makeup brush, but the powder is really fine so every time I dipped the brush in, it would kick up a little cloud of product that could have gone on my face but is now floating away into the breeze. Or onto my floor, whichever is closer. So I stick with the puff for the most part though I have been known to throw some powder on my face with the puff and then spread it out with my fingers

It definitely mattifies my face, and doesn’t add a white cast to my skin, yay! It even works well during the most humid days; My neck, where I don’t apply the powder, will get that sticky gross feeling towards the end of the day, but my face will feel fine and I’m even able to tolerate resting my cheek on my hand (which I know I shouldn’t do, but it was for the sake of this review I swear. *cough*).

With flash, and without. I am wearing a CC cream with SPF30, so under flash my skin does look a bit lighter, but it’s not because of the finishing powder. I tried to find a better product to wear for photos, but I literally do not own any foundation/base without SPF, sorry (yet another result of being unable to find good sunscreens).

This retails for $36, and you can find it on their website or at one of Jurlique’s standalone stores.


Disclaimer: I received this product as a personal gift from my family, but these opinions are my own and this review is not sponsored in any way.

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