Skin Food Haul!

Hi all!

I was working on this other post but I thought since time is usually of the essence I should write about this first! If you live in NYC; specifically in the Flushing, Queens area, a Skin Food store opened up on Friday 9/5! So right now is their grand opening!

Skin Food Haul

There’s not too much to add so let’s get on with the post!

So there’s a Gift with Purchase when you spend $50 which is just a bag with a bunch of samples in it. I wasn’t exactly expecting to spend a lot of money, but apparently I spent enough.  As shown in the picture above I got the following:

  1. Black Sugar Scrub Foam $17.40
  2. Parsley & Mandarin Toner $15.40
  3. Rice Mask: Wash Off $14.70
  4. Glacier Water Mask Sheet $1.50
  5. Black Raspberry Essence Mask $3.50
  6. Gift Bag with samples

Now here’s what the gift bag looks like opened up:

Skin Food GWP

So I had gotten a few samples as I shopped but I included it in the first picture instead of this one. But altogether the samples are:

  1. Royal Honey Gift Set (Royal Honey Toner & Emulsion)
  2. Royal Honey Hydro Essence
  3. Royal Honey Eye Cream
  4. Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel
  5. Royal Honey Nutrition Massage Cream
  6. Royal Honey Mask
  7. Rice Mask Wash Off
  8. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
  9. Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

That’s a lot of samples which is really good. But if you were hoping for a really nice “grand opening” sale of some sort, eee… no. There wasn’t any sale of any sort when I went. But maybe they may start one up later on, but I highly doubt it. The make up bag however seems very sturdy. There’s a slot for your brushes and a small mesh area to keep any of your smaller items from moving all over the place in the bag. Although the bag is basically just so they can promote their Black Sugar line I can see it being used very often for travel.

FYI: The prices are definitely marked up by a whole lot. For example on if you were to purchase the Rice Mask Wash off, instead of $14.70 the cheapest you can find would be $9.96 (you can check that out here). They may not ask during the morning because there may/may not be a lot of people, but Skin Food also does have a membership sort of thing. So this might make the mark up slightly better to swallow than not. Plus the mark ups isn’t that terrible. So yea.

What do you think? Tell me what you bought if you’ve visited!

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