Review: Goodal Phytoshrink Andiroba Seed Pore Toner

Whew I think I’m on track with the posts! My goal is basically once a week. Twice if I’m good šŸ˜› But here I am with another one! I am excite. Haha

I had a great day with some shopping luck and got a great lace maxi skirt at Urban Outfitters. Usually I don’t shop there because it’s too expensive but they had a 50% off all sale items and I had to check on what they had because that’s a pretty good deal and I actually found something nice! *___* Now all I need to do is to get in shape so I make all the nice clothes that I got look nice. Hahaha. This is forever a work in progress.

But today we are talking about this toner I got from Clio!


Goodal Toner

Disclaimer: I have purchased this item. All opinions are my own and unaffected by anyone/thing else.

Clio has a line called Goodal, and a basic search told me that this is their line that focuses on a clean ingredient list and naturalism. Now since it is asian products and I don’t exactly know how each country regulates what is natural or not, I am usually suspicious. Like literally I believe that they do use more natural ingredients but there is also a good amount of chemicals in there. But in my opinion, unless you make it yourself, that really is most companies asian or not.

So I got this lovely toner called Phytoshrink Andiroba Seed Pore Fresh-Up Toner Jumbo. They call it jumbo because it is larger than regular toner bottle sizes.

From the back there isn’t a lot of english. The only english I can find is the following.

Smoothes, moisturizes your skin while purifying and tightening the pores to keep skin clean. This toner is absorbed smoothly with a fresh feeling finish and without a sticky feeling. All skin types, day and night use.

And the salesperson had informed me how this is also a very good toner to use if you have acne problems (which I do).

Honestly I found this normal? I don’t think there is any alcohol in it because it doesn’t sting. But it is very refreshing so it definitely does leave you with a “fresh feeling finish.” It comes with a pump top so I definitely loved using this because it is so easy to use! Unlike some other toners where you have to tilt it over and pour some out and etc.

Bottom line: I don’t think this did anything for my acne but I loved how it made my face feel lovely and fresh. It did clean my face further, especially removing residue of my mud masks whenever it is mask night! But for $30, I don’t know, I think it is somewhat worth it, but skip it if you are short on cash.


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