Black Phoenix Trading Post Hair Gloss Review

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for this long (i.e. more than three hours) without mentioning my love for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils. I’ve been collecting them since 2009, but focusing on them never left me enough discretionary cash for their sister site, Black Phoenix Trading Post. But during their Halloween update last year, I finally got to try one of their hair glosses and absolutely loved it. I was really excited to get more, as they had some exclusive scents for New York Comic Con, but I was working there as a crew member and unfortunately when I was finally free to explore the con off-duty, both of them had already sold out. I may or may not have outwardly cried. For hours. ahem. But here is the one I bought last year, Lightning Storm!

Vivid flashes of dazzling electricity: white mint, white tea, white ginger, a jolt of yuzu, and electric green lime!

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These past few days, I’ve been an ADULT and did GROWN-UP THINGS like start a retirement investment fund and go to the opthalmologist wtf who am i. Anyway since I was spending all this money on bettering myself, I also decided to get my hair cut and recolored – I grew my bangs out and failed at trimming them so I stopped doing anything to my hair and just shoved bobby pins into it and hoped it would go away (I’m a Leo, I only know how to either go all out or do nothing at all) (also conclusive evidence of my adulthood).

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Review: Macadamia Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Heyyy! It’s been a while since I did a hair post. Honestly I’ve been working on a different post but it’s taking rather long for me to get the pictures that I need edited nicely soooo you are going to be hit with a not too picture heavy post here.

Macadamia Oil


I had purchased this while I was still working at Ricky’s, but the break down of the prices are  the Rejuvenating Shampoo is $21 and the Moisturizing Rinse (Conditioner) is $24.

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money & all opinions are my own.

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Etude House Oh My God! Dry Shampoo Review

I found this post 90% complete and buried in my Evernote drafts .___. Then I had to dig through my camera’s memory card in the hopes that I still had photos – I reviewed this while I was still in Singapore, and had been planning on testing it back in the States as well, but I ran out ): And this was apparently the only picture I took? ugh failure. Still hope some of you find this useful!

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Hair Chronicles

Hey guys! I think that it’s time for an update. I mean unless you follow me on instagram.. click>> here

Now I’m know that I didn’t exactly update you when my hair was green (Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest). However I did have it for a good month and a half, and I did expect the manic panic to wash out a lot faster than it actually did. And frankly I just got tired of it and it was washing out anyway. (Sorry for this instagram ready picture)

Manic Panic Enchanted Forest

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Confume Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist

It’s been a while. Truthfully I had a plan on getting a super fancy camera. However I scratched those plans and got a really nice point and shoot! 🙂 It’s a Panasonic Lumix and it’s a touch screen. I FEEL SO OLD THAT I MISS ALL THE BUTTONS. ;___; Like honestly this camera does make life a lot easier for multiple things. However I just… I miss all the hardcore manual thingamajigs.

But anyways let’s talk about the product of this week this Argan Hair Mist! I picked this up during my last haul. Annd I forgot to include it in the haul picture! Oops, so here you go instead!

Confume Argan Mist

Disclaimer: I purchased this! 😀 All the opinions are my own!

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Lucido-L Hair Treatment Essence Review

I have never heard of this brand, and I was feeling adventurous so I decided to try it out on a whim. I am finding it ridiculously difficult to shop for beauty products overseas because I am the type of person who sees something that interests them and immediately whips out their smartphone to Google some reviews >____> I want to try new things, but at the same time I’m afraid of wasting money on crappy products. WAS THIS ONE OF THEM?
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Italian Sunsilk Cream

;______; I missed you guys.

Like seriously I did! I was about to make a post when my computer immediately died last week. And since then it had spent about a week at the Apple Store getting a brand spanking new hard drive. Unfortunately now I have the long and arduous process of replacing some key applications and moving ALL my music from my ipod! Thank goodness that there is a nifty app for that too!

Now for this lovely post! It has been a long time a-coming! All about the wonderful Sunsilk “Liscio Perfetto” Cream that I got wayy back when I was in Italy for study abroad. Unfortunately although I purchased it in Italy, I never used it. And yea ok let’s get on with it.

sunsilk bottle

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I need to stay away from Etude House

Jurong Point Mall

Every time a mall has an Etude House, I find it. Not even on purpose! I think my brain has a radar for pink stores. Just look at that place; how can you resist going in and giving them all your money? Well, I might as well review as much as I can for everyone, right? The first one I have for you is the Silk Scarf Double Hair Care Mask. My hair has been getting kind of beat up lately, what with the heat, my swimming in a chlorinated pool, and the fact that I just spent a week in hotels, putting nothing in my hair but their complimentary shampoos >___> my bad.

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Review Time: Ouidad Volumizing Sprayz

So it’s been like a week or two. And after I wash my hair the only styling product that has touched my hair at all has been the Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray.

I would also like to mention right off the bat that I was the person who purchased the item! All opinions are my own? This is a disclaimer? Do I have to make sure I do this all the time? Probably.

Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray

Basically this promises to boost volume while defining/accentuating your natural curl without any crunch/stickiness/stiffness. But does it really?

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