Jurlique Lavender Silk Finishing Powder Review

Now that the weather is melting us down into human sludge so warm, my face produces all the oils 😐 I am forever on the lookout for a sunscreen that doesn’t basically liquefy my face, but in the meantime a good oil-control product is always welcome. You might remember the review I did last year on the Maybelline foundation (god those photos sucked i am sorry) that worked really well for me; I loved it until I dropped my bag, with the compact inside, ON A CARPETED FLOOR and half of it just crumbled to dust and misery and now I refuse to bring it outside.
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Missha Glam Art Lipstick

Unsurprisingly I’m bad at keeping resolutions. But on the other hand I am surprised that I haven’t written anything about all the lip products I own. But…. most of them are well used and not picture perfect so forgive me for not exactly wanting to show you things that are not perfect.Β 

Missha Glam Lipstick

However I have this one to talk about! The Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge which retails for about $16. You can definitely find it onΒ misshaus.com. The particular one I have is listed as SOP 401.

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Mizon Oh! Shy Gorgeous On Liquid Cheek Review

If x = the number of times I have laughed at someone for being suckered by marketing gimmicks and fancy packaging, then x^2 = the number of times I myself have been suckered by marketing gimmicks and fancy packaging. ._______.

I wasn’t smart enough to take a real photo of the stain with the packaging, you see… x:
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Review: Zombie CC Cream

Uuuuunnnngg~ I am a zombieeeeeee Lmao not really!! But I do feel like one these days. ~____~ I amΒ so glad that Halloween is over now. I mean seriously my life had revolved around the store. And man… I am glad that we are packing up the costumes and back to regular life. Well not that regular. I’m in a huge rut where I’ve been super depressed. Buttt I need to tell you guys about this lovely Zombie CC Cream! I really like how they sell it with a full size container and a tester one, which you can use when you’re on the go/give it to a friend to try. πŸ™‚ FYI: the people who sold it had the white stickers on the bottles covering the “SPF30 PA++” sign. This set was $21.82 when I had purchased it from the Korean Cosmetic Store I mentioned in my last haul post :)!

Zombie CC Cream

Disclaimer: I purchased this product. All the opinions here are my own.

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Singapore Beauty Haul


I’m back in the US! To be honest, I’ve actually been back for over a month now but life got in the way of posting this! Also I wanted to upload some of my post backlog without needing to edit everything to be in past tense πŸ˜› Anyway, minus one or two things I’ve already used up/had been using and thus forgot to put in the photo, here is the embarrassing amount of stuff I bought in Singapore (and Malaysia)! There’s a whole bunch here I bought for others/split with friends/I guess my mom can have some too (hence the duplicates), but I’d be lying if I said I exercised my impressive self-control skills >_____> I have a face mask buying problem. Especially when I’m sharing my hauls with other mask-obsessed friends. half this photo is masks wtf

Also I went to Etude House so often during the Great Singapore Sale that I got all the free things >___> yes, that is an owl blanket-cape-thing. With a hood. i regret nothing


Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist Review


I’ve seen Sana Hadanomy products around before, and I’m always tempted to buy the entire collagen line solely because everything is pink :X I was talked into this by a salesgirl at a booth in Genting Highlands. Aside from the skin-elasticity-boosting powers of collagen, she said it would also help foundation stay on longer. I bought the little bottle (90ml/3oz compared to the 250ml/8.5oz full size) because seriously look at how cute it is. And because I didn’t want to potentially spend money on a large amount of product that didn’t work for me. The small size was RM19, or $5.90ish US right now, so how could I not give it a chance?
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Crazy Cosmetics Consumer

Did I mention that I have a problem? I hope I did, because this is going to be an intense haul post.

First of all…. let me show you the picture.

Missha Haul

It’s hilarious. I got so much stuff that I forgot one and gave up on this after retaking the picture. oy! Ok I should go down the list of what I got (The Etude House stuff is actually from Jessica, as you know she spent some time in Singapore. While she was there I had given/transferred her money and asked me to buy me a few things.)

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Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Two-Way Cake Foundation Review

I’m trying to stay away from beauty brands you can find in the US while I’m in Asia, but either I am really bad at doing that, or Maybelline is out to get me (last year in Tokyo, I spent 1000 yen on a Maybelline mascara because it had Hello Kitty on it). In my defense, this isn’t a product line you can find outside Asia, so the brand isn’t so important, right?

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Okay besides some of the best (JT-NSYNC) and cringing (looking at you Miley!) performances, something else excited me!

COMMERCIALS! I mean there was the one for MMLP2, which I cannot wait to be released, but this is even more important!


Is that what it’s officially called? IDK. There has been no real images of the products released, just some looks that depicts each district. I AM SO EXCITED. I WANT ALL THE THINGS. LOOKIE:

I also cannot wait for the movie! I am however very disappointed at who is playing Finnick. Finnick is suppose to be the hottest thing ever, with abs all over. YES ABS ALL OVER. And this actor is just meh…

Etude House and Sasa


I went to VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping mall, the other day. oh maaaaan this place is huge. I wish I had taken a few pictures, but it’s the weekend, so it was pretty crowded. Plus I was only given an hour to run around before I had to meet up with my family, since they have no way of reaching me. (one hour in the country’s largest retail center are you kidding meeeeeee) I wasn’t too interested in brands and stores that can easily be found in the States, but it’s the middle of The Great Singapore Sale (like two months of Black Friday, but without the trampling and the waking up at 3am and the long lines), and I am finding it difficult to just walk past all these 70% off signs πŸ˜› I stopped by the Etude House booth, as well as the Sasa store, and left feeling extremely glad the Singaporean dollar is worth a little less than the US one at the moment, hahahah.
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