Review Time: Ouidad Volumizing Sprayz

So it’s been like a week or two. And after I wash my hair the only styling product that has touched my hair at all has been the Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray.

I would also like to mention right off the bat that I was the person who purchased the item! All opinions are my own? This is a disclaimer? Do I have to make sure I do this all the time? Probably.

Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray

Basically this promises to boost volume while defining/accentuating your natural curl without any crunch/stickiness/stiffness. But does it really?

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3X the Oil! Garnier~

So today I’m just gonna talk about the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil.

I got it a while ago when I was a part of a bzz campaign for it. At first I was iffy about it. But since it was the winter, I usually don’t get as try. And I didn’t enjoy it on my hair too much? But since I stated in my last post that I will be using only 1 hair product every time I wash my hair (currently I’m using the Ouidad Volumizing Styling Spray), maybe another time.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

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