These past few days, I’ve been an ADULT and did GROWN-UP THINGS like start a retirement investment fund and go to the opthalmologist wtf who am i. Anyway since I was spending all this money on bettering myself, I also decided to get my hair cut and recolored – I grew my bangs out and failed at trimming them so I stopped doing anything to my hair and just shoved bobby pins into it and hoped it would go away (I’m a Leo, I only know how to either go all out or do nothing at all) (also conclusive evidence of my adulthood).


sorry I was too lazy to get a nice-looking photo of me in ultimate slob mode, so here’s a post-shower crappy camera selfie. I did you a favor by covering up my face with that hilariously terrifying stamp. You’re welcome. Anyway my hair was dyed with Palty Jewelry Ash, which I reviewed in my first ever post on this blog! I liked the color, but it wasn’t really what I’d wanted, and a year and a half later, I was quite tired of it.

There are a few splotches where it’s lighter because my hair had been unevenly dyed before, but considering the fact that it’s been like that I don’t really care 😛 My stylist, Nozo (who is wonderful), said the rest of it (near my roots) would lighten up after a few washes, and it should end up an ashy almost-black-but-not-quite, though it already looks brown when the light hits it.

And the part where my bangs were bleached ended up looking REALLY COOL. SO COOL. I hadn’t touched up the roots because I was afraid it might turn a weird color, and now I’m kind of mad at myself for that >:

I went to Kiwa Salon, near FIT (though they also have a Midtown East location), which I’d been to once before on Yaling’s recommendation. They’re way more reasonably priced than most other salons in Manhattan, and even have a rewards system as well. Also everyone there is so cute and friendly ♥____♥ definitely recommend checking them out!


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