Candles! :) Voluspa Candles!

OH OK. There’s this thing on how much you really want to share about your personal life online. But in this case, I feel that I should share this much. I work as a sales associate at a shop called Ricky’s. And most of the time, I purchase many goods from there. And I also receive “training” on these products.

This is one of those products. 

The brand is called Voluspa and I do not remember that much from this informational session I attended. So.. I went to their site and …. tada!!! They’re a luxury candle company and they use high quality coconut wax for their candles. Um… Really I think that’s about all I’ll speak of this company.

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New Branches of Five Guys?!

Hi guys! I am one of the Pretty Stories writer, Veronica. This is my first time to draw for my blog post. The pictures don’t come out that good, but I hope you will like it. I will keep improving my drawing =]


Last Friday night, we went out for dinner like usual.

And here is our conversation of picking food and restaurant…

New Branches of Five Guys?! 1/6

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Embryolisse Lotion Review!

Blah blah blah insert sob story about acne. Insert sob story here there everywhere.

Ok I don’t know how exactly how to start but here. I DONT KNOW WHAT LOTION IS GEWD FOR MAH FACE! Like I don’t know if I want something that has salicylic acid/benzyol peroxide in it to compact acne (because I have/had loads and just want it to be over with).

At this point I just wanted something simple. So….. one day I walked into this store and made a impulsive purchase and I got…


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